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By Gamma | Gamma | 8 Apr 2021


The Internet allows you to create different businesses. You can enter direct sales, e-commerce, write articles and many other things

Personally, I'm working on some of these cases and I'm already making money. You don't need any skills to start surfing the internet and start generating income automatically within 48 hours. You will tell me that this is impossible.

Therefore, if this is your case, I will meet you at the end of this article. Today, I'm going to introduce you to the Ai Marketing website, which allows you to use Marketbot to make money without too many restrictions.


What is Ai Marketing?

Ai marketing is the online advertising platform of Wexford Alliance Limited, a registered transparent company established on May 2, 2017, engaged in scientific research, artificial intelligence and internet marketing. Marketing is combined with marketing and artificial intelligence.


What is Marketbot?


Ai Marketing site works with an artificial intelligence (robot) called Marketbot.

Ai Marketing offers to advertise to its customers (aggregators) via Marketbot and to receive commissions in the form of cash back.



The aggregators are large partner companies such as Microsoft, Samsung, eBay and Aliexpress. These aggregators have different themes, such as: computers, travel, tourism, online stores, clothing, sports, music, health, beauty.

The percentage of cash back varies between aggregators. Companies that sell products provide from 1.5% to 15% of cash back, while companies that provide services provide from 15% to 65% of cash back.




How does the Ai Marketing bot (Marketbot) work?

The bot analyzes social media trends and search queries. The results of the analysis are used to select popular regional keywords and trends.

The trending products and programs were linked to cash back programs on many websites (over 50). Then, the marketing team advertises on Google, Yandex Direct, Instagram, Facebook and other internet platforms. The robot has 48 hours of control time to be in working condition.

When customers interested in advertising spend money on products or services, you will receive pending feedback on Marketbot. The discount will be confirmed only after the deadline of the aggregator and the customer will not ask for a refund.

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Get the $50 gift certificate


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Before you invest in AI marketing and earn income, you need to sign up via the link. This is my link, allowing you to get a $50 ad budget gift certificate after you sign up.

Financing your Marketbot

Thanks to Ai Marketing, you can finance campaigns for its different aggregators. The minimum investment is $10 and the minimum profit is 25% to 35% of the advertising budget.




Therefore, every time a customer buys a product or service, you will get 55% cash back and 45% from the AI Marketing platform. It's a win-win situation. Aggregators can get free ads on their quotes, and you and Marketbot can get cash.

The cashback received on your Marketbot after the purchase is still pending and can only be verified after the confirmation period (ranging from 16 to 83 days, depending on aggregator to aggregator). The approved cashback is always the amount of money you can withdraw or reinvest in Marketbot.

How to withdraw my earnings from Ai Marketing

To withdraw money, you must wait for the cashback program operator to approve the current cashback. After verifying the cashback, you can use different payment methods to withdraw money.

You can use:

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Perfectmoney, Payeer, Mastercard, Visa Card, Yandex Money, Applepay, Qiwi, Alpha Click and Mir Card.




Thanks to this article, you have sufficiently detailed information about the AI Marketing platform.
This activity will allow you to start using the Internet without too many restrictions and have time to deal with other online activities.


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