Ledger: updated against "dusting attacks".

Ledger: updated against "dusting attacks".

By Gamma | Gamma | 20 Sep 2020

what is a "dusting attack"?

It all starts with a small amount of crypto-money. Using Bitcoin as an example, the smallest unit of Sathoshi is equal to 0.00000001 BTC. Because this value is too low, it is usually ignored or not paid much attention to by users. This is where scammers start and send a minimum amount of crypto-money to various wallet addresses to collect information.   


Ledger has therefore updated its software to add a feature called Coin Control which allows the user to choose not to use this small amount of unspent transaction output.


This is a good thing to see how many people Ledger has a lot of people working every day to make digital asset security tamper-proof, as the company is well known around the world for its Crypto Wallet.


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