Bitcoin Era Warning. (scam)

By Gamma | Gamma | 31 Aug 2020

Bitcoin Era is a Scam

Bitcoin Era Warning is an automated software for trading crypto-currencies. but there's nothing real about it.



The software operation is supposedly performed by the robot claims that you should only take advantage of the generated profits.

Even if they are affiliated with regulated brokers, this does not protect against a scam such as we have already seen in the crypto world.

It tells you about IA trader and profits up to 90%.

Don't go and try to play with the fire thought to bitconnet and all the others, it's not because it pays you that afterwards it continues to do so.

Bitcoin Era is definitely a Ponzi scheme.

Here is a proof of this scam :



Requires a $250 deposit to begin trading on the platform.

And then they tell you that the best special AI trader robot will make you rich...


Conclusion don't go with them, it's a scam, trader and a profession and for people who despite the warnings are gullible enough to give them your money you have been warned...


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