GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) Nowadays

By Livek | Gaming | 16 Mar 2019

GNU licensed software for graphic design

The first one is of course GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP). Great free alternative for Adobe Photoshop. Everyone should try it because it's free and software is offering a lot goods.

The latest versions of GIMP IDE looks like this from Photoshop which in my opinion it's good because the IDE of previous versions was just looking cheap and ugly. GIMP offers a possibility to engage the scripts within the program. It supports python in version 2.7 and JavaScript so this is very cool. Of course there is one main thing that might be a cons of GIMP - the shortcuts. Yes this is the main issue because in Photoshop shortcuts are more intuitive. But it can be solved due to configuring the keyboard shortcuts in GIMP software. It takes some time but it can be done.


We can see a lot of tools are similar to photoshop like magic wand or lasso just with other names. The main features in GIMP are the filters and here we have a lot of these. I recommend anyone to just install this software and give it a try. I can say this software is begginers friendly now because of its interface and looks. A lot of tutorials on the web and really good documentation makes it really reliable option.


A lot of content here and to master GIMP it takes some time but hey we need to learn new things in life it's a good opportunity. This software for free you can download from GIMP official site. Take an random image and check all of this stuff it can take some time but it's worth.


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