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Hello, world.

By Lorekeeper | Games I played a lot | 15 Apr 2021

I am extremely new to the world of crypto. Like everything else I get into, I research and read a lot.

So it should be no surprise that this place pops up on a lot of lists of resources that might be helpful to noobs. I read some articles, donated to several authors that caught my attention, discovered the site even has categories that are not crypto-related and started thinking. What this place is and how could I contribute to make it better?

I tend to ramble, and nobody wants to hear me ramble about crypto-stuff, so I decided to create a place where you can come, take a breather from your day trades, and read about the various games I poured so much hours in. Like so much. So much, that if I had the mental capacity to devote that time to understanding crypto better, I would be a millionaire by now. At least a doge-millionaire (let's see how this one ages).

Getting to the point. I will be reviewing mostly RPGs. I am an elder millennial, so Fallout 2 and Planescape Torment will get their turn, but I will be starting with Disco Elysium. I have just completed my third run on the Final Cut, so expect that in the coming days.

Happy hodling and see you soon.

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New to crypto and looking to learn

Games I played a lot
Games I played a lot

Reviewing games I spend far too much time on, mostly RPGs.

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