Epic NFT drop on Alien Worlds I was able to sell

Epic NFT drop on Alien Worlds I was able to sell

Pulling an epic NFT on Alien Worlds

Yes you heard it right, I managed to get a sweet drop and I have only been playing for a few days, with yesterday being the first day I put in more effort to keep mining all day. But I didn't invest any WAX into the game!

It's easy to get the hang of Alien Worlds and while it is still in beta, they offer the ability to sell your TLM for WAX, over at Wax Alcor Exchange and you can sell your NFT's over at Atomic Hub and then if you want to, you can either buy other tools to improve mining (highly recommended early on) or sell your WAX, which I sold some of mine on Bittrex.

So this is what card dropped for me:


When I saw the message that I got something then checked and saw this, I was super excited and while I would normally keep it if I had multiple, I checked the price and what I saw meant I needed to sell it to get some WAX and further my mining on Alien Worlds...

Lowest price on the market was $59 at the time of looking, so the price I listed for was somewhere just above $50 and netted me roughly $50 worth of WAX which was something like 1270 or around that much after fees.



So what did I buy with that WAX?

Well, I was looking at the mining cards to see what was available, the prices, the stats like mining power, luck and charge time and deciding what will be best for mining. Managed to get 1 epic tool which has a pretty decent mining to recharge time but has some nice luck to it and increases the chances I have of I believe, finding NFT's and maybe getting higher mining amounts for the TLM I mine but I would say at least for the NFT's. Couldn't manage to find another tool I want so I stuck with what I got in case I find any others to use, then just sold the rest of the WAX off this morning to chuck into another Cryptocurrency and reap my first profits I have kept for Alien Worlds.


Now I get a look at what my first mining with the new tool would yield, then kept watch and got my highest mining amount to share the different it makes, when having the right tools. The first amount was a great rise from the highest previous amounts of about 2 TLM, netting over 8, but eventually I got one for over 19 TLM! There had been a couple other around 18 TLM as well.



While there isn't a lot to do in the game, the ability to play for free and instantly be able to sell TLM or NFT's is a big yes to saying you should check the game out. I mean you seen that drop I got as a new player, just choose the plot of land you want to mine in, the lower the % for that land, the lower amount the owner takes from all mining done there, then keep mining and working up your TLM while hoping for some NFT's to drop!



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