Weak Magic, Strong Armour

By Brando_28 | GameFi | 10 Dec 2023

Greetings, battle mages!

In this week's Splinterlands Battle Mage Secrets challenge we are going to focus on the Weak Magic ruleset.

Opponents will likely be using a lot of monsters with armour and some armour boosts too so I will base my strategy on that. Piercing ability would be a good approach but this time I'm gonna choose a different path and try to remove their protection altogether!



My Team

ETERNAN BRUNE is a Soulbound summoner whose one of the buffs is to strip -2 armour from every enemy monster.


While at the same time, I'm going to use the Protect ability to up my armour, I'm hoping that this buff of Eternan will give the advantage that will eventually be decisive.

As a tank unit, I chose FEROX DEFENDER, a monster who lives up to his name by defending weaker units with Protect.


In addition to that, this creature already has strong armour(5) of his own. Not the strongest one offensively, nor the fastest but instead he got just enough health and armour to hold down the enemy onslaught so my backline monster could do their deeds.

One of those units is RADIATED BRUTE which will do her part in compensating Ferox Defender's rather modest attack.


Radiated Brute has a strong 3-point Melee attack and she will use it to attack the opponent tank unit thanks to her Reach ability.

Both the Brute and the Defender are quite slow I decided to slow down my opponent's units too by adding CREEPING OOZE to my team.


You never know, even though Ooze is quite useless otherwise, its Slow ability just might be enough to tip the scales in my favour.

There's one monster in my team who definitely cannot be called useless and in fact, he is without a doubt my strongest asset.

ORELLA ABADON is the one who has many stories(and Hive posts) written about. This Gladiator unit costs only 2 mana so it can be fitted in any team and battles from low-mana to mid- and even in high-mana ones.


Orella has a strong melee attack(3), is fast(3) and has a good amount of health for a 2-mana unit.

He will be targeting the last monster in the enemy ranks because of his Sneak ability but the greatest thing he's bringing to the table is obviously the Bloodlust ability. If Orella kills an enemy monster the Bloodlust is activated and he will gain +1 to all his stats making him even stronger and faster.

The cornerstone of strategy in this battle is to use Eternan Brute to remove most of the opponent's armour which then opens the door to Orella to trigger his Bloodlust.

As we also have an Earthquake ruleset in play, I'm quite confident Orella will have his moment and make some easy kills.


GARGOYA DEVIL has some armour of its own but is here merely because of the Earthquake ruleset and cos happens to have the Flying ability.

I placed Gargoya Devil in the second to last spot just in case the earthquake destroyed everyone else.


Last and least is Scorch Fiend who cannot attack from this position but can take at least two hits because of the armour provided by Ferox Defender. This sacrifice will protect Gargoya Devil and the rest of the squad.

So, there we have it! In a nutshell, my strategy is to be well-protected and cause my opponent not to be so I can do some harm to them. Brutal, yes, but that's the name of the game.

Now let's just hope they don't have similar ideas...


Entering The Arena

I was up against a user with an extra rank or title next to their name - The Watcher. I don't know if I should be afraid, or even terrified, but I do know that players with these kinds of additions have proved to be tough nuts to crack.

As a summoner, The Watcher had chosen Tarsa who would boost their unit's health and melee attacks by one. One other interesting notion is that they had chosen not only one Sneak monster but a total of four! I wouldn't want to be Scorch Fiend in this one...

Their monsters are:

- Iidri Fyre - a non-attacking monster with Taunt and that nasty, nasty ability - Redemption

- Dumacke Orc - a very good choice for Weak Magic battle with her Shield and Retaliate abilities.

- Tenyii Striker - first of those Sneak guys with a powerful melee attack.

- Elven Cutthroat - another Sneak unit.

- Kobold Miner - Sneak monster with more health but slower.

- Uraeus - Orella's first target.



The Battle

Who will walk out of the arena as a winner when the dust has settled? As always, you can watch the whole battle HERE, and I highly recommend you do so, this is a very exciting one! You can also continue reading my battle report below to find out how it all turned out.


In the first round, they started their merciless attack on the innocent Scorch Fiend who was quickly taken out of his misery. Meanwhile when crushed Iidri Fyre's armour and reduced her health to only one point.


It was the Earthquake that killed Iidri but she went out in a blaze of glory as the Redemption was activated. All my units suffered -1 damage but all remained alive and breathing.

Orella then killed Uraeus which triggered his Bloodlust giving him the much-needed extra stats and especially that one armour point. However, it was later removed by opponents Tenyii Striker who like the rest of their Sneak monsters were now targeting Orella. After Tenyii it was Kobold Miner's turn but gladly he missed this time.


The third round Earthquake swiped away my Radiated Brute and Creeping Ooze and also, my opponent's Elven Cutthroat and Dumacke Orc.

Once the rumble and shaking were over, it was time to continue the battle and Orella being the fastest one, it was now his moment to shine. Kobold Miner didn't have a chance and again, Orella gained a piece of that precious armour.


This time the earthquake came for my Ferox Defender who had served well and the opponent's Tenyii Striker who was their last unit. Only Orella Abadon was now left standing in the arena.



What a great victory! Even though I was up against a stronger team, I managed to outplay them with the Eternan Brute-Orella Abadon combo. All in all, I think Eternan Brute could be one of the strongest summoners for this particular ruleset. His two summoner buffs are just perfect for Weak Magic.

My 3 takeaways:

- Put up strong armour
- Reduce enemy armour
- Use Bloodlust


Also, when thinking about the new Rebellion edition, I just realised how good a monster with Corrosive Ward could be in battles like these! For example, Thanalorian Scion would be awesome with that much armour and Corrosive Ward doing damage to enemy armour with every melee hit.

It's too bad she can't be used with Eternan Brune but perhaps she'll be a part of my next Weak Magic strategy now that everyone knows my approach to this ruleset!

Thank you very much for reading and please leave your comments below!

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