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By wackywriter | Game Patrol | 7 Aug 2021

Isn't it a little unfair that for a generation that built the Gaming industry, we now sit back and watch someone else reap the rewards?

I mean it; how many of us were told as kids and teenagers, enthralled in our classic favourite videogames, that it was a waste of time and we should bother ourselves with something more "productive". Now we get sent to our 9 to 5 office work, and even if we do something we love, we can't help but reminisce how cool would it have been to just sit back and earn from our beloved classics: let's say, earning some money from finding Pokémon or taking Mario on an adventure.


Our parents told us that gaming would be to no avail in terms of career, money or any other type of success.


Well do I have news for you!

Today, there is a new craft: the professional gamer. I'm not saying you have to quit your job or even pursue this full-time, but what I am saying is that thousands of people worldwide, most younger than us and born into a world more accepting of gaming as a hobby- to the extents of which art, poetry and music can be appreciated- now reap full-time benefits from this fun activity. We knew the merits of gaming from our childhood: we saw the art, poetry and music in it when others did not.

I want you to take the time to reconsider whether you want to abandon something which was so fundamentally held dear to your passions, because now, it pays

Not poorly, we're talking about gamers that make $$$ or $$$$ every month. I too am on the path to achieve that and I want to take you guys with me.


My Story

As a kid, I loved to game. Tirelessly, on mobile, PlayStation 2, Nintendo Wii... you name it and I played it. I used to wish that it would never end and the cold grasping reality of adulthood would never hit; the day I needed to wake up early, manage my time, and do tasks otherwise considered "productive".

No I was not a lazy kid. I just had a passion.

I was good too- maybe it was my hand-eye coordination or maybe it was the hours I spent with a hunger to learn all the secrets of the game I was presently encaptivated by.

Soon life hit; college, university, job... the dreaded question: "so what do you want to become?"

It was dreaded because I knew no answer which was "satisfactory" to society could also be "fun" to me. After all, what was the point of getting up in the morning at all if I was not going to enjoy my day. The reality was a double whammy of depression and anxiety solely based on my future prospects.

But it did go away. No, I don't mean in a day or two or even several months. This was problem that plagued me for years.

I wasn't a bad student. I had future prospects. Unfortunately it was not acceptable back then, and barely is now in a lot of circles, to say you want to be a professional gamer.


Destigmatising the Profession

There's money to be made. It can be your profession if you choose. It does not mean it's not hard work or time intensive. However, if you enjoy what you do then that is a trade-off that you are willing to make. You don't have to shift to it full-time. Even part-time can make you a handy extra income stream and from doing nothing other than what you'd rather be doing anyways.

Let's take the example of games based on blockchain, and presently paying their players in crypto. Not only is this mix future-facing, as it allows players to accumulate cryptocurrency, which often has its underlying value climbing whilst you're earning more in the game, but also allows for some really complex and fun player versus player on blockchain.


The Method

Okay, you might be thinking, "that's great, but if it were that simple why isn't everyone making money"?

Well for every new technology, the early adopters are almost always the youth.

I was sceptical too until I realised I should give it a shot myself, or at least do some research. After all, I didn't want to become the "okay boomer" meme to these Gen Z or younger ones. I had to get in on the action myself.

So after some quick research and already existing experience in crypto, which by no means is a pre requisite to this method, I discovered a game called Axie Infinity which pays its players in the fames SLP (Smooth Love Potion) and AXS tokens. These are based on Ethereum and focus on Non-Fungible Token (NFT) which, the best way to describe, is a token with an in-built "certificate of authenticity". In fact, NFTs being all the rave at present, have huge industrial focus. If you haven't already, check out my article on Baitcoin: a project designed to use NFTs to omit ticket fraud for artists and give them greater ownership over their product.

Now Axie Infinity, it turned out, was a bit steep in terms of initial ability to buy into the game. It was because, I realised I was too late. 

Wait: Actually there is no such thing as being too late as we are all early adopters. I just didn't feel like spending a lot of money to be able to enter this sphere.

So I started researching and looking for a better opportunity.

The answer was an incredibly fun and highly rewarding game: Splinterlands. In the game you have a chance to earn DEC or SPS- both to me showing great promise on a technical trading level as well as fundamentals. Follow this blog if you want to read my analysis on both these tokens coming up later this week!



The game is definitely the most fun I have had on a blockchain gaming experience, baring in mind that the industry is still in what some would consider it's infancy. I have already accumulated close to 500,000 DEC which at present market value is roughly $2500. Now, this is baring in mind I have only recently got to the point where I am making hundreds of dollars a month.

There were players who got there first.

That does not mean that I'm late. Certainly, one thing that those DEC's do not account for at present is the expected rocketing in price when more and more players get on the project and it becomes mainstream. Stay tuned to this blog for the technical analysis, and regular updates on tips and tricks inside the game. What you can do today is join using the link below:

You can also enter their discord and other social media you will find on the website.

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