Crypto dice strategy - "The 77000x"

By L7y | Gambling Strategies | 13 Aug 2021

First and foremost, don't try this strategy unless you have alot of time to wait... atleast 1+ days. I would use this setup on a platform that you don't plan to play any other games on until it hits. It can take a while. This one is essentially the same Paroli system as the 11000x Strategy I posted before, except the stop is on 6 wins instead of 5. Start by changing your seed. Set your multiplier to 9.90X. Set your on win increase to 500%. Make sure your on loss increase is set to reset to initial bet. Last but not least have your autobet set to stop on a streak of (if you are on a platform like LuckyFish or Stake), or calculate your basebet * 77000 minus a few coins for your profit stop on platforms like BC that do not offer to stop on a streak in their autobet.


What your setup should look similar to on LuckyFish:


What your graph will look like on a win:


Don't be fooled by the low number of bets, I ran for over 48 hours on one seed, then had to restart after technical difficulties. I got "lucky" with this new seed after ~12 hours of autobetting.


And profit! Remember our 2, 3, 4, and 5 win streaks help bring our bankroll up before our 6 win streak, so this strategy does not cost as many coins to play as it seems.


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