How to add Ampleforth in your wallet + Publish0x procedure.

That’s it, you’ve started to win your first Ampleforth on Publish0x. Yet you look in your wallet and you don’t find that currency. Don’t panic. This new currency uses erc-20 technology. If your wallet accepts erc-20 cryptocurrency, you’ll be able to use it. Beware, Publish0x uses smart contract technology to make these transfers. Check that you wallet accepts the possibility of receiving cryptocurrency in this way.

The method I’m going to show you to add a currency is called adding by contract. This method allows you to be sure that your wallet accepts Ampleforth. It will prevent you from making any mistakes. At the end of the article, I would remind you how to save the correct Ampleforth email address on Publish0x.

For this example, I chose to show you how it works on Atomic wallet. It’s a very good, secure wallet and it’s very easy to use to add a new cryptocurrency. The advantage is also that many cryptocurrency are already registered on Atomic wallet. Let’s go!

Find Ampleforth in your wallet. Check that Ampleforth is not already present in your wallet. To do this, write its name in your search bar.


As you can see, Ampleforth cannot be found. Before adding it, we will go to the Etherscan site. On this site we can all information about Ethereum and all erc-20 currencies. The link to the Ampleforth page on Etherscan is here.


On this page you can see the currency information. What we’re interested in is the contract code. You can copy it. I put it here:


Let’s go back to our wallet now. We will click on ‘ADD CUSTOM TOKEN’. This page will display.



Click on the button ''ADD BY CONTRACT''. This page will display.



Now you will have to copy the Ampleforth contract that you found on Etherscan under “CONTRACT ADDRESS”. This page will display.

As a reminder here is the contract : 0xd46ba6d942050d489dbd938a2c909a5d5039a161



Make sure it’s the right currency. As you can see in my example, it’s the right cryptocurrency. If this is the correct currency for you too, click on ‘ADD TOKEN’. This page will display.




At the next update of your wallet, you will see the graphic evolution, the prices and the different technical data of this currency. In the meantime, you won’t have any more information. Now we want to integrate the address of Ampleforth into Publish0x so we can receive this cryptocurrency when we have collected enough. I will not go into the details of the procedure because I have already written an article on the subject that you can read by clicking on this link. It’s quite simple, click on Ampleforth that you just added in your wallet. This page will display.



Copy your Ampleforth address. Return to Publish0x, go to the dashboard and then to payment. This page will display.




Click on ‘ADD ADRESS’. You can now copy your Amplefoth address. In reality, it is the same Ethereum address as the Ether. However as we have added by contract in your wallet, we are sure that there will be no problem. An email will be sent to you by Publish0x to verify that you agree and the author of this manipulation. I point out that all wallet are different but they often allow to add a cryptocurrency thanks to its contract. If this is not the case, you can theoretically give your Ethereum address to receive Ampleforth. However be careful and favor wallets like Atomic wallet that allow you to collect a large number of cryptocurrencies. I hope my help has been helpful.

If you don’t know what Ampleforth cryptocurrency is, I wrote an article on it yesterday that you can read by clicking on this link. I give you useful website links to inform you about this currency as well as all the resources that were used to write this article.

Also a few weeks ago, I showed you on YouTube how to add a token to Atomic wallet. All my videos on this channel are however for now in French. If you want to take a look, the video can be found here:



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