Earning bitcoin to the toilet

If you clicked on this article because of the title, you are certainly very weird. What is even more bizarre is that I am the one writing the title… And yes, in our lives we lose thousands of hours in the bathroom, but not only, time on the bus, on the train, in the elevator, …

Why not win BTC, LTC, ZEC, DOGE or BCH in his little moments?
- "Please tell us how to do it!"
- "Calm the f*** down!"

If you have Telegram, I have good news. You will be able to make this lost time profitable. Long live capitalism!

In the bot click on visit and messages like this one will appear, you just have to click on the link, stay 10 seconds on it and then go back, you squeeze paid every 10 seconds. It’s very easy to waste your time on ads longer, some are scams. Generating money is very easy and withdrawal limits are easily attainable. I wish you good profits. However stay hours on the bots and very tiring, that’s why I advise you to use them in "lost" moments as in the toilet.


Here are the links of the Telegram bots to win the different cryptocurrencies.

Litecoin Bot

Bitcoin Bot



Zcash Bot

Doge Bot



Some commands may be useful:
/menu (open the menu)
/balance (check your cryptocurrency balance)
/visit (visit sites to earn cryptocurrency)
/withdraw (remove your cryptocurrency)
/history (see your last 3 transactions )

Now you know how to keep busy for lost moments… It’s time to win cryptocurrency.

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