After some turbulence Coinbase reacted well!

Criticized at the end of 2020 for having suffered a series of problems, Coinbase was able to react and update itself vis-à-vis the competition.

Reminder of the facts.

We are at the end of 2020, the cryptocurrency market is exploding. Coinbase knows a reccord of use and registration on its platform. Unfortunately the site has trouble managing all its new users and it becomes inaccessible in full bull run 4 times! Many users are then very unsure. Coinbase must at the same time face many criticisms:

  • Fees are too high
  • Few cryptocurrencies available on the site
  • Few ancillary services
  • A version of Coinbase Pro that does not evolve

These criticisms that had never endangered the site become a real danger because many platforms now offer similar services including many more services for their users.


The updates

Just prior to its IPO launch, Coinbase took steps to update its website, its organization, increase its virtual traffic capacity, security, services, the number of cryptocurrencies and Coinbase Pro. So the team is up to the task.


What’s different about that
  • The presentation of the site

Better structuring for more clarity on the platform.


Everything is now structured thanks to the tab on the left of the screen.

  • New services

Now it is possible to do staking on Coinbase.It was high time because almost all exchanges offer this type of services. For now 4 cryptocurrencies are available for staking:

  • Algorand (4% TRA)
  • DAI (2% TRA)
  • Tezos (4,63% TRA)
  • Cosmos (5% TRA)


It is also possible to schedule recurring purchases. A very good news because it will allow all those who wish to invest in the long term to do so easily without breaking their heads. From an economic point of view, this allows to retain its users. Implementing a DCA investment strategy has never been easier.


It is actually possible to train and learn on the coinbase site easily thanks to a series of courses that are available on the site.


  • The addition of many cryptocurrencies

Far behind on the subject throughout 2020, Coinbase has taken the necessary steps to update itself. Previously, the site had never been penalized. However, the success of the DEFI put Coinbase behind its competitors. This delay was quickly overcome at the beginning of 2021. Coinbase has added many digital assets to its platform continuously for several months.

  • Improving Coinbase Pro

Coinbase Pro has also been updated thanks to the addition of new markets which has made it possible to attract a more informed public but also to satisfy the desire of its new members who would like to do more complex operations.



Coinbase reacted well which allowed him to keep the lead in the race which now oppose many exchanges. The platform held the lead with its lifelong rival Binance.


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