When Dogecoin Price Will Reach the Moon?

It's is possible to dogecoin price reach the moon? worthing like ETH, XMR. LTC or other good coins? 

Even with low price Dogecoin still continues as one of the best cryptocurrencies ever.





Dogecoin is a revolutinary technology. people can send money anywhere in the world instantly, securely, with almost no fee, and with complete anonymity. Due to the economic crisis, there is a drastic increase in the value and market cap of Dogecoin. 


Realistically, you want to invest in the crypto that gets used the most to purchase and actually use as currency, Doge has proven to be the top player in actual transactions

People don't see Bitcoin or Ether as a means to spend anymore, everyone sees bitcoin as a "hold until price skyrockets then sell the bitcoin" bitcoin is now an asset, not a currency


Doge will provide financial freedom to a lot of people around the world in the next decade. Believe in the Doge, making millions while having fun.


Investing in Dogecoin 

If you buy, 1,000,000 DOGE at 0.001$ then you spent 1000$ for it. If it goes 2 cents as it ATH is. That 1 Million Doge is now 20K making you 19,000 dollars richer. It does not go to the moon per se, its all based on the percent of pump. Hey, gimme upvotes. I worked hard for that!

Basically, it all boils down to the Market Cap and the total Circulating Supply. And the definition of “Moon”

Just like I said if 1 Doge is 0.001 Cents and it goes to 0.01 Cents, that's a 10X increase relevant to its Market Cap .

It won't go “Moon” like bitcoin to be 20K per coin because of Circulating Supply but if DOGE has Market Cap of 50 Billion Dollars (Hypothetically Ofcourse) it would just cost 50 Cents per DOGE, which is 500X increase if you buy it at 0.001 Cents.




Doge is already a success and a good investment. The community truly enjoys collecting it, tipping with it, generating fun content, every day we hear a new integration with one or the other system. Doge is represented by the bloodstream of the internet and the internet is and will be the future. If the people behind it make good decisions for the upcoming years, it's inevitable for it to succeed further.

If you have been actively following crypto-verse and economics, then you must have realized that DOGE price spike and drop are not driven by media FUDS generally.

One of the best cryptocurrencies

Dogecoin has a faster transaction confirmation time. Compared with other cryptocurrencies, its transaction confirmation is much shorter which only takes one minute. Second, DOGE’s total circulation and system accord with the market.

The total amount of Dogecoin is 100 billion, which is more satisfying to the public' s psychological needs than to having Bitcoins whose numbers are always a few decimal places.

The Dogecoin was mined at 100 billion on January 18, 2015. Since then, the output will be fixed and an additional 5 billion will be added each year to maintain a healthy inflation rate. For example, the inflation rate is 5% in the second year.

Decreasing thereafter year by year, the inflation rate will be reduced to 2.5% after 20 years, and then to 1.25% after 60 years. The amount it dug is fixed using mathematical encryption.



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Galahads - Brazillian Crypto lover
Galahads - Brazillian Crypto lover

Cryptoinvestor #btc #eth #cryptocurrency #blockchain #bounty #bountyhunter

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