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RTSs are still somewhat scarce. Fortunately, at least continuously appear new pieces that can entertain. Although they may not bring anything new to the genre, they can win players and at least somehow satisfy them. Even in Warparty you won't find much originality, but it plays quite well and is worth noting.

Dinosaurs are fascinating, but we've seen them in strategies a few times, like Paraworld. However, this does not interfere, they are still a welcome revival of the game and actually, thanks to them, Warparty does not look like every other RTS focused on building a base and fighting.

The game is placed in the Stone Age, where there is a conflict of three factions. We will not argue that there are mixed dinosaurs from different periods, they simply fit in here, and not only as free-flowing creatures, which can be a threat, but also a source of food. Indigenous tribe Wildlanders can saddle them and warriors on triceratops and saber-toothed tigers you probably love. And certainly T-Rex. Vithara is an explicitly naturalistic faction whose buildings are actually different variations of trees and directly sends to the battle separate raptors or dilophosaurs. Finally, there is Necromas, and as can be deduced from the name, helps the undead.

Warparty Survival je príjemným doplnkovým režimom.

Each faction has an individual entry bonus and a representative hero. Vithara, for example, understands wild dinosaurs, they do not attack, and the hero can convert and attach them to his units. When upgrading the settlement to a higher level, along with new buildings and units, you'll also see an option where you always choose one of the two new bonuses. For example, you decide whether your units will cause more damage to the dinosaur, or prefer to spontaneously regenerate health and cheaper healers. An interesting option of Necromas is the continuous creation of zombies without investing raw materials.

Otherwise, you can expect classic base management. Crystals are mined, berries and crops are harvested from farms. Perhaps surprisingly you do not need wood, so trees do not cut. But instead, you are accumulating energy and this can also be done by casting altars around. You need energy to produce some warriors and dinosaurs in barracks or stables, but especially for magic. Each side has five different spells, which are always at the bottom of the bar, showing the characteristics of the selected units. In difficult times, lightning, a well-targeted meteorite or tornado will certainly help. In addition, there is a reservoir, defense towers or building for major improvements. Such a standard.

The units produced can be reinforced by enhanced defense or fire attack, for example, and have several behavioral modes - aggressive, defensive, hold, patrol. To some extent, they work, but your enemies often fail to notice the enemies who are passing at a medium distance around them, even though they have them in their hand. Or they don't respond to shelling. It would like to fine-tune the AI, although computer enemies already pose a significant threat to light difficulty. However, the fact is that they dominate thanks to the rapid production of reinforcements and which will freeze especially in the campaign, the victory is mainly due to numerous superiority and only to a lesser extent tactics

Warparty Tak na férovku...

There are three campaigns, one for each side. Not very imaginative, but they take the player a moment. In addition, there is a choice of a separate scenario where you choose a map, faction and enemies. Pleasure survival mode, where you have to resist waves of enemies and defend as long as possible, but also to enhance your base. There is a standard multiplayer multiplayer, but also Regicide and King of The Hill modes for up to six players. And with ranked matches where you join the rankings.

The filmmakers provided us with a full-featured press release, but also with minor flaws that did not explicitly spoil the game, but could work on it in the final product or the next patches. In addition to the AI, there are various details such as missing descriptions of modes and some components. And it may seem trivial, but we have not found a way to destroy our own building, either directly by demolition or by attacking units. In a mission where dinosaurs had to be brought to the corral, this was a problem, as we had previously placed a guard tower nearby that had always distracted them and killed them repeatedly. A simple instruction to demolish the building would solve it immediately.

The game has an appealing look, several environments, including jungle and snowy landscapes, adorable characters that can be viewed by zooming in on the camera. Enjoy high definition and support for ultra-wide monitors, plus subtle sound and music. It is simply style and looks at it well.

Warparty is actually a classic RTS in a simplified style of Age of Empires, enriched with dinosaurs, which is particularly interesting because it enriches the currently poor supply of strategies. It does not bring anything revolutionary, but shows that the proven style still works reliably and when it is served in the right way, entertainment is taken care of.

Warparty Hrdina frakcie Wildlanders  môže krotiť divoké dinosaury.



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