TOP 5 exchanges that support staking Ethereum, get passive income by holding ETH

By gainer | gainer | 10 Feb 2021

The transition from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake marks the end of Ethereum mining, as we have known it so far. Transaction confirmation will work in a new way. By sending coins to a special smart contract, you can stack them, help with the operation of the network and get rewards for it in the form of Ethereum.

The Ethereum network requires a deposit of at least 32 ETH. Only then can he start rewarding a particular wallet. What if we want to invest only a fraction of that amount? This is where they came up with the cryptobours solution and created staking pools. Investors will deposit small investments in the pool, which the stock exchange will collect and place in a smart contract. Subsequently, it redistributes the profit proportionally among investors.

Exchanges with staking support for ETH 2.0.

Binance - the largest crypto exchange announced on 3.12.2020 that it will support the staking of Ethereum 2.0 tokens, which will allow the deposit of amounts from 0.0001 ETH. Valuation ranges from 5% to 20% per year.
Huobi - the largest crypto exchange in China has announced the function to convert standard Ethereum tokens to BETH (Beacon Ethereum) tokens in a 1: 1 ratio. The minimum deposit is 0.1 ETH and the return ranges from 6% to 20%.
OKEx - the minimum deposit is the same as in the case of Huobi and the return is also expected from 6% to 20% per year. They have prepared a USDT reward program for users who use staking ETH 2.0 on their platform. They have it running on 12/17/2020.
The Kraken - stock exchange did not state a minimum deposit, but the rewards will be distributed weekly. They also promised future support for trade between ETH and ETH2.
Coinbase - the stock exchange did not provide details, but promised to publish more information in the future. They will also support the exchange between ETH and ETH2.



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