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Generation Zero can be played solo or with three other friends or other players. In both cases, your task will be to survive on the Swedish island in the 1980s, which came under attack by mechanical robots. You're coming back from a trip and trying to figure out what happened. You need to move forward, follow the messages of the people who have escaped, and try to get them to safety. It will be a lot of tasks and it will guide you through a massive robot-filled environment.

Especially from the game do not expect profound possibilities of making objects, there is only collecting weapons, accessories and especially ammunition, which will never be enough. It will not be a survival like Forest or Ark, but rather as a State of Decay without a production and base where zombies are replaced by robots. A small story and quests in the background are a nice addition.

Generation Zero Vitajte vo Švédsku v osemdesiatych rokoch.

At first it’s all impressive. You get to the island, find the first traces of something special, follow the first messages, find weapons and even the first enemies. The opening fights are harsh, the atmosphere can be cut and the visual will dazzle you. Likewise, the subsequent search of the first houses and desperate search for ammunition or better weapons is great. It directly pulls you to move on, free another farm, village, get another clue. You will be led into military bunkers and basics, where you hope to finally meet someone, someone alive, who will tell you what's going on here and when the story will begin. But that never happens.

Personally, I was hoping for the first hour, the second hour, the fifth hour of playing, but then I realized that the game would continue like this. It's just a mix of very opaque leadership tasks from one place to another. Once to the radio, to the link to the paper, sometimes to the notice board to find out where people have moved on or where to find something else and try to call for help once a million. It's a shame. Even more pity is that, while watching the tasks, you walk through hundreds of the same houses, looking for bullets in them or happily other weapons.

Charges are extremely important, as each site is guarded by robots, patrolling to destroy all signs of life. There aren't many, but you just don't destroy them. It is best to avoid them, to lure them away and destroy them tactically, with as little charge as possible. If you miss them, you have to go search other houses and hope to find something before you meet the enemies.

Generation Zero Hra je survival titul, ale bez výroby predmetov, len zbierate zbrane a odomkýnate svoje schopnosti.

If you are killed, you have a chance to revive yourself if you have adrenaline in your backpack, if not, you are returning to one of the safe houses you have already liberated. There are not many of them and they are often far from the current mission. It may happen that you walk for five minutes to the place you need to liberate just to kill you again and again. Also note that there are no mobile cars in the game. Gradually, the game becomes more stereotyped and more frustrating.

The authors say that the damaged enemies remain damaged and the dead enemies are already dead, so even after your death you are still moving forward. Most of the time it is, but sometimes it seemed to me that dead robots are reviving and creating a massive problem. Maybe one of the mistakes of the game, there are more than enough. AI, for example, sees you and often tries to shoot through walls, straight and through the ground into an underground shelter, as well as you often catch on the detector an enemy that is behind the concrete walls. In addition, AI cannot enter buildings unless it accidentally jumps into them, often fails to orient themselves and does not follow you or gets stuck somewhere. Similarly, tasks - not only are they transparently processed, sometimes the goal indicator of the quest falls out and you do not know what the game actually wants from you.

To improve your character is very badly set, although you will gradually find new weapons and a rocket launcher, which is very large at larger robots, but you will find it very rarely. Since your inventory size is limited, it is likely that you will still throw the rocket launcher along the way. You will usually throw away things you might use to fight, but you sacrifice them because ammunition and weapons are more important. It's all badly set up, as well as abilities. You can unlock them for points you earn for raising levels in different parts, such as victories, escapes from battle, tasks. You can then improve, for example, running, charging speed or health, stamina. But everything is going very slowly. The authors seem to decompose it into a hundred hours, during which you could cross the whole territory. The problem is that you don't feel the way forward.

Generation Zero Ak vás zabijú a máte adrenalín, viete ešte vstať, ak nie, musíte sa premiestniť do bezpečného domu.

This minimalist advancement, along with the constant stereotype of building search, is killing the game. Initially, it still keeps the tasks, but when you find that they are nonsensical and stop entertaining you, only the fun with the cooperating players. You can connect with friends here, or keep the game open and let other players join. It's best to play with friends and ideally play with them from the start. Other connected players may be in a completely different part of the game than you and if you are just starting out and they are already on, you will not be able to reach them across half the island.

Despite other untouched things, the Generation Zero visual is great. It is not in the footsteps of a noisy and low-quality Just Cause 4, but rather in the footsteps of the game Hunter, where you can expect great nature. It also offers unique views, great sunrises and sunsets, weather changes, rain and snow. Everything nicely complements the atmosphere of the game.

Here, too, to see Avalanche enjoying itself in massive worlds, but perhaps this time it is so great that it hurts the game. The authors could not fill it not only with reasonable content, but also with architecture. Everything here is copied in bulk from about three types of houses, through the same farms, to underground bases. Although from the outside it looks nice when you have to enter one hundred of the same houses to find 5 rounds there is a poisoning. At the same time, when we say that the world is empty, it is completely empty both without people and without animals.

Incidentally, given the fact that the game is placed in the 1980s, it has such a feeling, from old radio to the style of the time. It's another thing that helps the atmosphere a lot. It is a pity that the authors did not make it, they did not invest more and could move the story to at least Far Cry level. A few story animations and live characters could pretty well revive it

Generation Zero Vizuál je miestami extrémne pôsobivý.

At Generation Zero, the authors wanted to hit fans of survival and collaborative games. They have prepared an impressive visual of the world under attack, added challenging struggles, and the atmosphere here is great, but it all destroys the constant search for supplies, passing through the same maze bases, the same houses, as well as tasks without depth. Not to mention the emptiness of the world where you only meet robots and possibly your team. It is great in the fighting system but it is a pity that the rest of the game destroys it. It would require vehicles, a better save system, better progress in the game, and a real story with the characters. It is a pity that the authors did not invest more in it. The potential of it glows, but is literally destroyed by a bad attitude. If you like action survival, you may discover hidden magic and have fun for tens of hours, but you have to forgive the game. We will see if the authors will continue to do it after the release and whether they will improve something.

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