An ETF for DeFi — Introducing the DeFi Pulse Index

An ETF for DeFi — Introducing the DeFi Pulse Index

By GabrielHaines | Gabriel | 27 Sep 2020

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Intro to TokenSets

TokenSets allow you to invest your money in the best strategies available across crypto. That means you can put your tokens in the hands of a trader who you believe in, someone you trust, and they will make their gains for you. There’s a list of traders whom you can choose from, or Robo Sets developed by traders, but run by algorithms. Then are basically DeFi-based hedge fund managers.

To become a traditional hedge fund manager, one would have to leap through so many regulatory hoops, but in the futuristic world of DeFi, the best traders naturally rise to the top based on performance and anyone can compete with others from around the world. This is a big part of what DeFi is all about; healthy competition among traders and strategies to bring the best yields.

The DeFi Pulse Index

TokenSets just teamed up with DeFi Pulse to launch an exciting investment vehicle, the DeFi Pulse Index. It’s a basket of the most popular DeFi tokens, as defined by DeFi Pulse, so it’s a brilliant way to get exposure to a variety of DeFi protocols and assets, without having to risk too much on any single protocol.

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This is a great way for new investors to dip their toes into Defi, because you actually own the underlying tokens, it’s not some sort of peg or placeholder. This allows you to downgrade your risk by spreading it across a larger number of quality projects while hedging your risks — if one goes down, it won’t sink the whole fund.

This is the crypto-equivalent to an ETF, and the Streaming Fee is less than 1%, so it’s pretty painless to enter. This is also a token itself, so you can trade the DPI Token on Uniswap.

Full disclosure; Talking Crypto’s founder, Gabriel, is an investor in TokenSets.

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