Understanding Publish0x: (A Guide For Beginners)
Publish0x Beginner Guide

Understanding Publish0x: (A Guide For Beginners)

What is Publish0x? Publish0x is a blogging platform where Readers AND Publishers both earn money which is paid out of the company profit pool.  The project is very cool because no money comes out of your pocket.  

Whenever you start anything new there are always questions you either don't think to ask, or just plain can't find answers for.  After publishing dozens of articles on Publish0x, I thought it might be appropriate to share some insight and answers to a few of the more difficult or subtle questions a new user might have.  Questions like: 1) why would Publish0x pay readers to read articles, 2) how easy is it to use, 3) and how much money can you expect to earn?  These are just a few of the questions you will find answers to in this article.       

How Can The Company Pay Tips Both Readers And Authors? 

It just seemed a little to good to be true...but it makes sense when you see the big picture.  Crypto projects like BRAVE, HYDRO and DAI are trying to get more visibility for their projects.  They are willing to donate some of their crypto tokens to Publish0x in exchange for eyeballs seeing their project.  In other words, this is advertising for participating crypto projects.  Once these donations have been received by Publish0x they can then be distributed to authors and curators like you and me.

Is It Legitimate?

I have posted dozens of articles and have earned a fair amount of tips through this platform and have been able to transfer my earnings to my other crypto wallets.  In addition, the amount of registered users has grown to around 40,000 (publishers and readers) in just a couple of years.  At the bottom of the website there is a tab for stats.  You can see daily, weekly, and monthly growth stats, including user growth, # of tips paid, # of articles posted etc.  Overall, my experience has been fantastic.  This platform has proven itself as legitimate.

How Much Can You Make? 

  Realistically, you are not going to get rich from the tips alone.  For example, at the time of this article I have posted 33 articles and have made around $18 worth of crypto, which equals roughly .50 per article average.  However, keep in mind that some of my better performing posts have been seen by 1500+ viewers which have led to additional affiliate purchases.  In addition, since payments are made in crypto there is potential for upside growth and I can also transfer them and invest it in other places.  One last thought about earnings, Keep in mind that the platform currently only has 40,000 users.  What is the potential for higher payouts if the platform were to get to 1 million users or if other crypto projects were willing to donate higher amounts of crypto?  My suggestion is don't lose sight of the long term possibilities when it comes to deciding whether or not to use Publish0x. 

Is It Hard To Use? 

  Compared to other platforms I have used, this platform has been very easy to use. I  have used Steemit, Weebly, and Wordpress and a few other platforms that are complicated and hard to use or make content look good. In comparison, Publish0x has been very simple to use.  Set up an account, add a bio, and begin writing.  It is easy to add pictures, videos and a few other cool gadgets.  There are not as many add-ons or widgets as Wordpress but there it has enough features and is simple enough for a complete beginner immediately start using.    

How To Tip Someone? 

  Once you have an established account (input name and email address) it is very simple to tip authors and yourself as a reader. Basically use the tip bar at the bottom of the article to decide what percentage you would like to give the author, and the percentage you would like to keep for yourself.  Once you decide just click the tip button.  I like to give bigger tips for articles that are well written, thorough, and answer my questions.  Conversely, I will give lower tips for articles that I feel were a waste of my time.  Keep in mind that good authors have put in a lot of time researching and formulating their thoughts in a way that will be helpful for you.    This is what the tip bar at the bottom of each article looks like...Just slide the blue dot to either side to adjust tip distribution.     351665157-585e388b8e0fc25d4e2ff5a88e0f4379d04555a41bf0ac6814eab677e5587cd1.png

How Often Can You Tip?

You are only allowed to give 6 tips per day.  I actually like that there is a limit because it makes it so bots aren't being used to game the system.    

What Crypto Gets Paid Out?

  Currenly, BAT Tokens HYDRO, and DAI are the primary pay out token.   The distribution % of these coins are decided by how aggressively each crypto project is donating coins to Publish0x and may change with time.  In addition, there may be new coins that get added as payment in the future.

How To Withdraw Your Earnings?

  You will need a crypto wallet that accepts BAT, HYDRO, or DAI (And any other crypto that may come in the future).  Meta Mask is the recommended wallet, however you can use whichever wallet you would like that accepts these coins.     Step 1: In Settings click "Wallets" Step 2: Copy and Paste Wallet address you would like to send to.   Step 3: In Dashboard click "Payments" Step 4: Click "Withdraw" for the coin you would like to withdraw and follow prompts.    ***You will need to have accrued at least .50 worth of crypto in order to withdraw.  Withdrawal requests are manually processed on Monday only and it may take a couple days for transaction to be completed depending on how busy the Ethereum network is at the time of your request.  


How Does Publish0x Compare To Other Crypto Blogging Platforms Like Steemit?

  Many people in crypto have heard of, or have used Steemit.  I have used Steemit for over a year but have found it to be clunky.  The Steemit interface is not user friendly and it is hard to make articles stand our from the crowd.  In addition, there have been no updates to try and improve any of their platform and it is overrun by bots upvoting your articles.    When I found Publish0x I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of use and a community made of humans.  It is a basic platform but there seems to be consistent effort to improve the platform and encourage useful content.    In comparison, I think it is safe to say that I prefer Publish0x. 

How Does Ambassador Program Work? 

  The ambassador program is a great add-on to help accelerate your earnings and also help the growth of the Publish0x platform. Participating Publishers can attach a special code to the end of every article that they write and also articles that they find worthy to share with their community. Each referral that signs up through these links equals a 5% bonus for each tip that their referral gives.    

Strategies To Make More Tips And Get The Most Out Of The Ambassador Program?

I have written an article with 10 strategies to maximize your financial gains.  Please Read "Publish0x: 10 Strategies To Help You Earn More Tips"    

Pros/Cons Of Using Publish0x


Easy for beginners to use.  Don't need to be techy.

Money goes into your pocket...not out!

Get paid in multiple different types of cryptocurrency. 

Quality Content   


Not a lot of widgets/tools

Don't necessarily earn a lot for posts

Challenging to keep best content visible 

Articles are mostly aimed at crypto audience- needs more expansive range of topics      



There are probably a lot of questions that I missed, but hopefully this gives you a good start for finding some of the questions you may have.  I hope your Publish0x experience is fun and fruitful!



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