Extraction: Code I.F.R.I.T. - Web comic launch!

By FZ Ideas | FZ Ideas | 7 Apr 2022

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Hello everyone! 

A little bit of context: "Extraction: Code I.F.R.I.T." was originally intended to be a feature movie.

Excited about the project, we had the script ready in October 2019, and shot and revealed the Teaser in February 2020.

March 2020... the pandemic struck. Uncertainty. Restrictions. Lockdowns.

We made our best effort to move forward as much as possible within our reach.

On January 2021 we decided we would release the comic adaptation of our script.

Enjoy the ride this year, and we hope that 2023 is the year we can shoot that Live Action.

I'll be posting the pages of the first 3 chapters of Extraction: Code I.F.R.I.T. FOR FREE, a post a weekday, 4 pages a day.
If you want to be featured, these are the LAST 2 MONTHS TO GET A CAMEO! Don't be shy and come aboard!
If you don't like Patreon, let me know which platform you'd like to join through and we'll work it out!

Sign up to get full access and a cameo here! https://www.patreon.com/norilskincident


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FZ Ideas
FZ Ideas

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FZ Ideas
FZ Ideas

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