bounty hunting on bitcointalk , holding long term or selling for fast profit????

By fvanb1 | fvanb1 | 9 Aug 2019

i am writing this page to show other people that some mistakes can have big consequences for your wallet , as we are bountyhunters.

Around august 2017 , there was an opportunity to take part in de signature bounty for dentacoin (DCN) , as not much people take part in the bounty i decided to take the signature and earn myself some nice and shine DCN


When i started , there where not much people that take part and as you can see in the pic , at the end there where also not much participants.

the total bounty amount was set on : 480.000.000 DCN , and as i was heromember when the bounty was running i earned 81.000.000 DCN.


yeah , that was the moment i earned a lot off dentacoin , bitcoin was already rising and was around 12.000 $ when i decided to sell m all for the tiny price off 0.00000001 satoshi in the next 5/6 day's , so it wasn't bad at all , i earned almost 10.000 $.



but bitcoin did not stopped rising and the price of DCN keep also rising to the moon price of 0.00000040 satoshi.

So bitcoin doubled from 10.000 to 20.000 and DCN mooned from 0.00000001 to 0.00000040 satoshi



so , in fact if i waited with selling my hard earned DCN , i could have earned myself almost a million $.


so my advise to all bountyhunters , do not make the same fault as i did and please keep your coins/tokens till the next bullrun , because that is going to happen this or next year

edit : you don't have to feel bad for me because there where a lot of other bounty's which i have keeped till a good price and some i still hold.

but if you like this story you can always send some useless  tokens to my ethereum wallet :


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