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Guild of Guardians: The Pax Custos Guide to Basic Crafting

By Bayrd | Future of Gaming | 19 May 2024

A significant part of your party’s power comes from the gear that they use. If you rely only upon the gear dropped in dungeons, you will only ever have the most basic gear and your commander level will be severely handicapped. Gear is a necessity for your characters if you want to progress and conquer dungeons.

Three Types of Gear

Craftable gear can be broken down into three types: Strength, Agility, and Intelligence. Each character can equip one of those three types. They are not able to equip armor of other types. Generally, the type of gear they can equip is aligned with their class, i.e. tanks will wear strength gear, mages will wear intelligence gear, but there are notable exceptions, like Morax who is a tank but wears intelligence gear.

Material Factories

Early on in the game progression you are provided with three special items, the material factories. These are the Burrower Chest, the Horn Satchel, and the Magic Bag. Using these items in the Crafting menus will provide, respectively, strength, agility, and intelligence materials. There are two types of materials for each factory, the common material and the advanced material. For basic crafting, you will use the common materials. Advanced materials are used for better gear, explained later in this article.

Once you complete Brimstone, you will get a second set of factories and be able to merge them into T2 factories that can produce T2 materials in addition to T1 materials.

Commander Level

Crafting is particularly important because you gain Commander experience from using the Material Factories. Commander level influences several things, from your maximum character level, to the number of characters you can bring into the dungeon, and even access to specific maps in the game. You want this as high as possible, and crafting is a major way to get the experience. If for nothing else, this is a great reason to maximize your crafting at every opportunity. It should be noted that only taking materials from the factories provides the commander experience, the actual crafting does not.

Gear Tiers

Gear comes in several tiers: Tier 1, Tier 2… (Generally referred to as T1, T2…). Each successive tier provides a major boost to the equipment’s power. The tier of equipment you can craft and use depends on how far into the game you have progressed. On the first map, Requiem, you can only use T1 gear. When you unlock each successive map, the tier of gear you can create and use increases. So, once you unlock Brimstone, you can use T2 gear. Creating T2 gear requires T2 materials. T2 materials can be created by merging T1 materials of the same type together. You cannot create T2 materials until you can use them, they will be locked until you unlock Brimstone.

Alright, let’s get to the actual crafting


Crafting gear is rather straight-forward. Once in the crafting menu, there is an option that says ‘Forge’ along the bottom of the screen. If you have the necessary materials to craft anything, there will be a red dot on that tab.

Once you are there, look over to the left-hand side of the screen. There will be toggle that says ‘Forge Mode.’ Initially this will be set to normal. Under normal crating you can make green gear and blue gear, uncommon and rare gear, respectively. When you forge an item in normal mode it will randomly be one or the other. Uncommon gear has the primary stat of the item and one other random sub-stat; rare gear will have two random sub-stats. Under normal mode, you will use only the common materials.

Clicking on the slider will bring you to the advanced Forge Mode. Here is where you will use the advanced material as well as the common. The gear forges here will be either purple-epic or yellow-legendary. Epic gear has three additional sub-stats beyond the main stat, legendary has four additional sub-stats. The fourth stat on legendary gear is special—it indicates an domain advantage. When equipped by a character of that domain, the gear’s stats increase by an additional 12% or 15%. This is a huge bonus, so try to match the legendary gear element with your character!

Discussion of the sub-stats and other elements of gear, like gear level, is not within the scope of this article, so watch out for another Pax Custos guide in the future.

Why would you ever do normal forge mode?

You will likely get a disproportionally large amount of basic crafting gear. You can sell it, but probably a better option is to use normal forge mode and craft gear. If you craft green gear, you can salvage it for power stones. If you roll blue gear, you can use the fuse option at the bottom of the screen next to the forge. Fusing three of the same slot of gear will give you a higher rarity gear. So, you can fuse three blue wands to create a purple wand. You can fuse three purple to create a yellow.

Additional Bonus for Crafting

As if the better gear, higher power levels for your character, and commander experience were not enough to entice you to maximize your crafting, there is yet another bonus

When looking at the screen with your crafting mats, on the bottom right, just above the fuse tab, you will see a progress bar next to a chest. Every time you use the factory this progress bar will tick up. Once you max it out, click on the chest for additional rewards. These rewards are numerous and provide a huge boost in the form of power stones and experience scrolls. This is an excellent way to significantly increase your character’s power.

Some warnings

  • It is possible to sell your factories. If you do, at this time, the only way to recover the factory is to buy the travelers bundle, adventurers bundle, or commanders bundle in the shop.
  • It is not possible to upgrade your factories to T2 until after completing Brimstone. You cannot purchase one of the bundles and use the extra factories to upgrade to T2.
  • The progress bar on the bottom-right will stop growing once it is capped and any additional use of the factories will not carry over to your next reward. Keep a close eye on the bar and claim the chest when you are able so that you do not miss out on numerous rewards.
  • This was a basic guide to crafting, and the world of Elderym is rich with potential and opportunity. As the game grows, there will be much more to explore. Enjoy you adventures in Guild of Guardians, and as always:

See you in Elderym!

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