Guild of Guardians FAQs—Post Wave 2 Sale

Guild of Guardians FAQs—Post Wave 2 Sale

By DXW | Future of Gaming | 14 Sep 2021

Now that Wave 2 has come and gone, here are answers to the most common questions from the Guild of Guardians Discord:

I purchased in the public sale but I don’t see my assets. How can I find them?

Your assets were minted right into Immutable X and Tokentrove and should be visible there immediately. The first thing to do here is make sure that the wallet you used to make the purchase in the sale is linked to Immutable X:

If it is, your next step is to completely close out of everything: the Guild of Guardians website, Immutable X, and Tokentrove. At this point it is best to clear your cache. Then go back into Immutable X. In every case I have helped with, this fixes the issue of not being able to see your assets, unless…

I purchased Guild of Guardians assets from a site other than and I can’t see my assets. Where are they?

If you purchased your assets from anywhere other than, Immutable X, or Tokentrove, you were not on an official site and it was a scam. Your assets will not be minted. Unless…

I purchased on the Early Adopters’ presale and I can’t see my purchase. How do I mint them?

If you purchased from the Early Adopters’ sale and sent ETH in the correct quantity to the wallet in the instructions, your assets will be minted directly to Immutable X and Tokentrove in a month or two. You don’t have to do anything else.

Wait, what? Why do I need to wait a month? Didn’t the assets in the general sale get minted right away?

Yes, they did. The team is working on a new distribution system that will distribute the Early Adopters’ assets. This is a new technology, and new technology can take some time. It will make distributions like this in the future much more efficient. The team is asking everyone to remain patient.

But why wasn’t this disclosed? I don’t want to wait a month or two!

It was disclosed in the announcement of the Second Wave sale and also directly on the spreadsheet where the instructions on how to pay for the sale were located. There was a link to the sale announcement with the month-or-two time line disclosed.

I haven’t paid for the Early Adopters’ assets I was allocated! Now that the wave 2 sale is over, is it too late?

Yes, the extended deadline was 5:30PM CST on 9/18. Beyond this time it is too late to purchase your reserved NFTs.

But I have an outstanding appeal. When will I hear back about it?

Appeals ceased to be accepted when the Early Adopters' payment deadline ended at 5:30 PM CST on 9/18/2021. The appeals will start to be reviewed on the following Monday (Australian time). Appeals will be responded to via E-mail.

What is going to happen to the assets that were reserved but not purchased in the Early Adopters’ sale?

All unpaid allocations will be offered to other players who applied to the Early Adopters' sale. Sorry, at this time there is no plan for another sale.


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