My Portfolio, How Awesome it is, and How I Automate it

My Portfolio, How Awesome it is, and How I Automate it

By michaelbadass | Future Fortified | 13 Feb 2020

First of all, shout out to Marius Kramer on Quora as this portfolio is loosely based on his 'picks' / analysis / opinion.

The rest of the basis is whether I believe in the coin. Which sounds lame admittedly, but trust me, that helps when your coin is doing badly!

Those who can count will notice it only features 6 coins. Most people suggest the minimum for a good portfolio is 5. I'd love to hold 12 coins but my funds split between 12 coins wouldn't add up to much capital per coin, so here we are...

6 Coins selected from 5'112

(amount of coins listed on Coin Market Cap as of 13 February 2020).


Auto Re-balancing 

Auto balancing is awesome, and it's great for (trying) to forget about your investment and carrying on with general life.
I have set my portfolio to re-balance every 12 hours. Sometimes it won't if the percentages have only changed by half a percent, but usually, something does shuffle around. I can always look up later what was done by reading a report on 3commas.



For the time being, my 6 coins are split equally, meaning they each make up 16.7% of my portfolio. It was more satisfying when I had 5 coins as it would be 20% each but, that's the OCD side of me.





Part of the reason I've felt compelled to share this today is I've had the best days returns I can remember as well as a blindingly good month.

11.1% returns in 24 hours is why I got into crypto. And all this has happened while Bitcoin has been trading side-ways.

Hello? did anyone yell ALT SEASON?





My other reason for sharing is to sing the praises of the almighty 3commas as this platform allows me to auto-rebalance and does so with relative ease.


Many may notice that I have split Ethereum equally. This is a current strategy, once the market becomes a little more 'hairy' which I believe it soon will I will increase my Ethereum holdings to atleast 35%, splitting the remaining 65% equally amongst the 5 remaining coins.  All this is made exceedingly simple with 3commas.

Another awesome feature of 3commas, for when the market turns very very sour is what I call...


3commas enables you to convert all your portfolio to BTC or USDT at the click of a button (for emergencies only I assume)


Thanks for reading and feel free to consume my other articles on daily passive crypto income, mobile mining and my daily crypto routine.

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