Another Ponzi Scheme ! TRX Chain - Be Warned

By futureanalogue | Future Analogue | 25 Sep 2020

Recently i found a website called TRX Chain which i thought looked really genuine so i signed up and invested the small amount of tron i had lying around...thankfully only 100 but i was intending to put much more in. I originally heard about the site through a post here on publishOx so i though it would be a good idea to do a post here myself...imagine my surprise when within a day or two my post was removed for "Reported as Advertising Scam Content"


I was a bit annoyed to say the least as i could only find good reviews of the site online and the original post is still on here. But after a little more digging i found out this site is run by someone called Andreas Kartrud who has ran several scam websites before ! Thats all the proof i needed. I tried to withdraw the small profit i had made just to test the system and it has never appeared.

Sadly many people are going to lose a lot of money through this site. There was $5 million invested when i signed up 2 weeks ago and now there is $7 million invested !!

Hopefully this post will help stop new investors from using this site.

- Taken from

"Andreas Kartrud is a serial scammer. Over the years BehindMLM readers have pegged him promoting Shopping SherlockSwissCoinDominant FinanceWoTokenUp2GiveKryptoGlobe1 Click Trading and XOXO Network.

More recently, Kartrud featured on BehindMLM as the creator of EtherChain, a smart-contract Ponzi scheme."


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My name is Graham Cook and I am 47 years old. I am a DJ and producer from Scotland now living off grid in the South of Spain with a community of travellers, punks and hippies.

Future Analogue
Future Analogue

Hi there, My name is Graham Cook and I am 47 years old. I am a DJ and producer from Scotland and I have been organising Free Parties for almost 20 years under the name The Drum Clinic Sound System. However everything changed a few years ago when my wife Ruth and I bought a massive truck and moved to the south of Spain where we live off-grid with a community of travellers, punks and hippies in a beautiful location in The Alpujarras, Andalusia.

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