Europe’s Renowned Artist Vlastimil Beránek To Produce The World’s First Bronze Sculpture Fusion NFT For Coinllectibles.

The artist Vlastimil Beranek, who first ever exhibited Bohemian crystal sculptures on the seabed in 2017 in Balearic Islands, Mallorca has decided to join forces with NFT company Coinllectibles to produce the first ever bronze sculpture Fusion NFT. Vlastimil Beranek is well known for creating breath taking sculptures which are collected by affluent collectors around the world. His sculpture ‘Venus’ was inducted into the Czech Book of Records for the biggest entirely polished Bohemian crystal sculpture in the world. Beranek’s sculptures were recently selected to represent Bohemian art on EXPO Dubai.

Mr Vlastimil Beránek (commonly referred to as the “modern Bohemian Leonardo”) has recently entered a memorandum of understanding to establish a partnership with Fusion NTFs art purveyor and gallery Coinllectibles. Mr. Beranek’s first bronze sculpture will be minted into a blockchain-enabled Fusion NFT and will be showcased in Coinllectibles’ physical art gallery in Victoria Dockside, the most prestigious and ultra-luxurious art real-estate in Hong Kong.

Mr Vlastimil Beránek is a renowned creator of large cast Bohemian crystal, and bronze sculptures. His sculptures are based on fundamental simplicity, giving them a perfect look from every angle. In some cases, their extreme forms take them to the limits of applied technology. Mr Beranek’s pieces are minimalistic in nature which makes it difficult to simplify any further. In partnering with Coinllectibles, Mr Beránek embarks on his journey into the blockchain space through minting his carefully curated high-valued art pieces into Coinllectible Fusion NFTs.


Figure 1 : Underwater exhibition, Mallorca 2017, the first ever Bohemian exhibition under water.


“I am incredibly thrilled to be working closely with Coinllectibles. This will be the first ever Bronze Art Sculpture Fusion NFT produced anywhere in the world, and it is about time that art meets technology in real-life.” Said Mr Beránek.

When it comes to introducing the world’s first bronze sculpture Fusion NFT, Mr Beránek decided to feature a tribute to love, which is symbolised by the shape of the Heart. This first ever European large scale bronze sculpture to be minted into a Fusion NFT will be purchased by Coinllectibles at a yet undisclosed value. The debut piece that will be minted into a Fusion NFT is the Heart, weighing 30 KG, and will become the first bronze sculpture Fusion NFT in the world.

Mr Beránek, who is a graduate of The Academy of Applied Arts in Prague, is best known for his Aqua, Smoke and Ocean series – organic Bohemian crystal forms both large and small, which glow and shine in a variety of media and colours seemingly representing infinity or the ephemeral smoke that rises from an extinguished match.


“It is very exciting to introduce to the NFT world one of the few ever produced bronze sculptures from Vlastimil Beránek. His Heart sculpture is absolutely unique, because although you can see the shape of Heart from many angles, the Heart actually doesn’t exist on the sculpture…It is created by opposite edges of the sculpture. It is an amazing optical effect showing the genius of Mr. Beranek, because creating such an optical illusion in the first place requires extraordinary imagination and vision.”  Said Mr Marek Landa, Chief Executive Officer of CrystalCaviar and representative of Mr Beránek.


Figure 2: Heart – Bronze Sculpture. First ever NFT Minted bronze Sculpture in the world.


Coinllectibles hopes to launch the first bronze sculpture Fusion NFT in the world in a hybrid virtual-physical celebratory event with admirers of Mr Beránek’s artworks all over world.


“It is an honour to have one of the most renowned Bohemian sculptors of our times carefully select several exclusive one of one art pieces to be minted into Coinllectibles Fusion NFTs” Said Mr Toby O’Connor, Chief Executive Officer of Coinllectibles.


“These firsts Beránek-Coinllectibles Fusion NFTs in the world carefully handpicked by Mr Beránek himself will be timeless and priceless” added Dr Herbert Lee, Founder and Advisory Board Chairman of Coinllectibles.


Pictures and details of the Heart, bronze sculpture minted into Coinllectibles Fusion NFT are available on Coinllectibles official website, and any party interested to purchase this art-piece may contact Coinllectibles directly through their website.


About Vlastimil Beranek:

Vlastimil Beránek was born in 1960 in Nové Město na Moravě, Czech Republic. Vlastimil Beránek is the third-generation exponent of the well-established, glassmaking Beránek family. They made history in Czech glass in the 1940’s, by founding a glasshouse at Škrdlovice. He oversaw the glass works himself from 1992 to 2008.

The focal point of his personal interest lies in free creation of molten Bohemian crystal sculpture. His sculpture features a rigid, elementary form, often bordering on the technology´s very possibilities. They possess a monumental, free-of-all-compromise expression. They do not rely on just the crystal’s inner aesthetics or a single frame view. They claim their own space. They are one-of-a-kind and completely unique sculptures of Bohemian crystal, bronze, semiprecious stones and wood.


More Information About Vlastimil Beranek:



 About Coinllectibles

“Coinllectibles” is an ACT (Arts and Collectibles Technology) company, which is redefining how the world thinks about art and collectible ownership in the digital age. Their minted curated Fusion NFTs, capture all the rights and independent valuation and ownership of physical arts and collectibles securely underpinned by smart contracts stored on the blockchain.

Coinllectibles Fusion NFTs bridge the physical and virtual dimensions of the arts and collectibles market, providing a pleasurable, transparent, and frictionless experience to customers from all walks of life.


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World's First Fusion NFT Company, Coinllectibles
World's First Fusion NFT Company, Coinllectibles

Founder and Chairman of the Advisory Board of Coinllectibles, Dr Herbert Lee, announced plans to set up the world’s first gallery for Coinllectibles Fusion NFTs, the physical collectible version of the digital art ownership tokens that have exploded into the news recently. Coinllectibles Fusion NFTs will bridge the physical and digital worlds for arts and collectibles.

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