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By Blazarius120 | FurucomboPlatform | 14 Oct 2021


This tutorial will guide you through the process of using Furucombo Invest to help you manage your wealth! This will be a very easy to use step by step guide where you can start earning rewards in just minutes. For this guide, we will be showing you how to invest in the Auto-Farming pools on Polygon. The Ethereum network will also have Furucombo Invest, but will not have the Auto-Farming pools available upon launch.

If you are a visual learner, feel free to watch our tutorial video instead:



For new users to Furucombo.

Step 1 — Head over to our website and click the ‘Launch App button located in the middle of your screen.


Step 2 — Before we see which pools we might be interested in investing in, we need to ensure that we are on the network you wish to use. For this guide we will setup using the Polygon network. First, ensure you are on the Polygon network by setting the network to ‘Polygon’ via the network selector on the top right hand corner of your screen.


Step 3 — Next we need to connect our wallet. Simply click the wallet icon on the top right hand corner of your screen (next to the network selector), and choose the wallet of your choice from the list. For this guide we will use the most common wallet which is the MetaMask web3 wallet. Ensure you are connected on your metamask wallet, and connected to the correct network as well. If it is your first time using the Polygon network, visit our Furucombo on Polygon guide for more information on how to access the network.




That’s it for the basic setup, you are now connected to Furucombo on the Polygon network with your MetaMask web3 wallet. Next, we will look at how you can get started with Furucombo Invest!


Setup Smart Wallet:

Only required for the Auto-Invest Pools. Additionally, this saves users from having to approve transactions.

Step 1 — New to Furucombo Invest is the smart wallet integration. To utilize Invests Auto-Invest Pools, we must set up our smart wallet. You do not need to set up a smart wallet if you want to invest in other strategies that do not have auto-compounding. To connect to your smart wallet, click back into your wallet on the top right hand of your screen.


Step 2 — From here you will see two wallets, one is your MetaMask wallet which is connected, and the other is your Smart Wallet. Read the description and understand the implications of creating your smart wallet. When you are ready to proceed, click ‘Create’.


Step 3 — You will be prompted to confirm a transaction on your web3 or MetaMask wallet. Click ‘Confirm’ on your MetaMask. Once the transaction is processed, your Smart Wallet is created. You will now be transferred to the dashboard as shown below.


Once the setup of the smart wallet is complete, we can now fund the smart wallet to utilize Invest.


Fund Smart Wallet:

Only required for the Auto-Invest Pools.

Step 1 — To fund the Smart Wallet, highlight the asset you wish to transfer or click the ‘Manage’ button on the right hand side under assets on your dashboard.


Step 2 — Your assets will now show under the dashboard. Now you can transfer funds from your account to your smart wallet. Type the amount you wish to transfer to your smart wallet, or use the ‘Max’ button. Once you’re happy with your selection, click the ‘Send’ button to send a transaction to your wallet. Make sure if you’re sending Matic tokens that you leave a small amount behind for transaction costs.


Once you complete the transaction, the funds will show in your smart wallet under the dashboard.


You’re now ready to explore investment opportunities on Furucombo Invest!


Explore Investment Opportunities

Simply click the back button on the top left hand corner of your screen if you’re on your wallet page, and click back to the ‘Invest’ page via the link in the top middle of your screen if you aren’t already on the invest page. Now we are ready to explore the investment opportunities on Furucombo Invest!

Investment opportunities can be sorted by APY (annual percentage yield) or by Liquidity (total amount invested) by clicking on the header. You can also sort by highest and lowest based on the direction of the arrow.

There are two kinds of investments on Furucombo Invest, standard pools or Auto-Farming pools. Standard pools are from protocols that are white-listed on Furucombo, such as Quickswap, Aave, Curve, or Sushiswap. Auto-Farming pools are pools that are developed by Furucombo to lock value in the ecosystem, and provide multiple reward tokens. For the Auto-Farming pools, Matic, and Combo tokens will be given as rewards. Matic tokens will automatically be compounded through the auto-compound contract. The Combo tokens will have to be manually claimed.


Deposit to Pool or Farm

Step 1 — Once you find a pool that you want to invest in, we’re ready to deposit funds. Simply click the pool you want to invest in. For this example we will enter into the ‘MATIC / WETH Auto-Farming Pool’. Once you click the pool you want to invest in, you will be greeted by the Deposit screen as shown below. We can see it provides us with some data such as liquidity, APY, reward tokens, and the balance of tokens in this particular pool.


Step 2 — Choose any of the listed tokens (or import tokens via contract address) to input to purchase LP. Furucombo Invest will automatically swap your input tokens directly to the LP tokens, no other user inputs are required! For our guide, I will use Matic tokens to purchase MATIC / WETH LP tokens. When you are ready to proceed, hit the ‘Send’ button and process the transaction.


Once the transaction processes, you’ll see your investments at the top of the page above the ‘explore investment opportunities’ section. It’s as easy as that, you are now invested in the Furucombo Auto-Invest Farms and are now earning compounded rewards as well as COMBO tokens!



Withdraw from Pool or Farm

Step 1 — To withdraw your tokens from a pool, click the strategy you wish to withdraw from under ‘Your Investments’.

Step 2 — Once you are on the strategy you wish to withdraw, click the withdraw tab at the top. The withdraw values on the pool will auto-populate, and you can send the transaction to withdraw your tokens. You can change your output token to the token of choice you wish to redeem from the pool. For example, if you wanted to redeem in Matic tokens, then change the output token to Matic and send the transaction.



Return Funds to Account

Step 1 — To return your funds to your account from your smart wallet, from the dashboard manage the asset you wish to transfer back. Between your account and smart wallet, there is an arrow icon. You can click this arrow icon to switch the direction of fund transfer. Once you click this arrow, it should indicate that you are transferring ‘To Account’ and ‘From Smart Wallet’.


Step 2 — Input the values of the funds you wish to transfer to your account from your smart wallet. For this tutorial, I will transfer 250 Matic tokens from my smart wallet back to my account. Once you set the values, click the ‘Send’ button to send the transaction.



Contact us

If you experience issues that are not covered in this guide, please reach out to the Furucombo team directly via discord.

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