Announcing $1.85 Million Seed Round

By Furucombo | Furucombo | 8 Jan 2021

Furucombo is not only a well-designed product with great innovation. It has the potential to become the future gateway for the greater mass to better utilize DeFi as their daily tool to embrace the open financial system.

With the mission to form an ecosystem as a super aggregator, optimizing the power of composability by creating a near-zero friction ecosystem. We have gathered a team of top-notch talents and a group of world-class investors to achieve the mission together.

Today we are happy and honored to share that Furucombo has raised $1.85M with SevenX VenturesDefiance Capital1kxMulticoin CapitalDeFi CapitalBTC12 CapitalStani KulechovRonald Yu, amongst many others. The fund raised is set to fuel the exponential growth of Furucombo, the supper aggregator, and to strengthen the security layer of the ecosystem.

Furucombo is not only a well-designed product with great innovation. It has the potential to become the future gateway for the greater mass to better utilize DEFI as their daily tool to embrace the open financial system. It demonstrates the most important essential of DEFI — interoperability in an astonishingly graceful way. Its tools for flash loans and investment strategy combos make it possible for common users to enjoy the beauty of DEFI. We believe in DEFI, we believe in Furucombo.
- Eraser Li, SevenX Ventures

Furucombo has been a fantastic product we have been monitoring since inception. We are delighted to back Hsuan-Ting and the team who have shown considerable executional prowess in developing Furucombo. We believe that for DeFi adoption to reach mass scale, the current user experience needs to be improved tremendously. Furucombo’s focus on providing an enhanced UI/UX to interact with multiple DeFi protocols without the need for coding knowledge cements its value proposition as a core pillar within the DeFi ecosystem.
- Arthur Cheong — Founder at DeFiance Capital

Despite the composability of DeFi, it’s still a property that only developers are able to access and experiment with. Furucombo is the super-connector that will enable open access to a truly composable open finance system that anyone is able to use, discover and share.
- Lasse Clausen, Founding Partner at 1kx

While we see Bitcoin getting mainstream adoption today, products in crypto with a good UI/UX are still rare. A sleek product experience with the first-mover advantage creates a strong defensible moat for a lego tooling platform like Furucombo. As more professional traders use the platform to create their own pool combos, we see the high potential of Furucombo becoming a DeFi-native social trading engine for DeFi traders, a real hub for asset managers to not only manage DeFi assets, but also apply on-chain strategies.
- Mable Jiang, Principal at Multicoin

Furucombo launched in 2020 March, with a passion for DeFi and the ambition to change the complex nature of DeFi legos. Our primary goal is to debunk the belief that DeFi services are too complicated to use. Therefore, we designed and visualized complex protocols into cubes (like DeFi legos) so users can build their DeFi strategies simply by drag & drop and send them out in one transaction.

We have captured over $200 million in trading volume and inspired over 800 DeFi strategies. With Furucombo v2, we will expand the product into three aspects:

  1. onboard more builders and protocols to maximize capital efficiency;
  2. integrate cross-chain solutions to tackle the segmentation issue;
  3. launch pool combo system to let degens become a fund manager to maximize the profit as a whole.

The founding team and the investors not only share the same vision but also share the community-driven value. Our next step is to onboard our community to the Furucombo governance table with the initial launch on Balancer’s Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool, the first Furucombo grantthe transaction mining program, and so many other distribution plans.

We have just started a new chapter, get a front-row seat to the innovation with us my fren.


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Furucombo is built for end-users to optimize their DeFi strategy simply by drag and drop. It visualizes complex DeFi protocols into cubes. Users setup inputs/outputs and the order of the cubes, then Furucombo bundles all the cubes into one transaction and sends out.

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