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It's Monday... Crypto - Low; Blood Pressure - High! Let's take a 1 min break...

By UplandDood | UplandDood's Musings | 7 Sep 2020

Hi Fellow Publish0xians!

Caution: Nothing useful in this post!

But if you decide to proceed, it'll only take 1 minute of your time and may help lower your blood pressure a little. Disclaimer: Any time spent on links does not count towards the 1 minute limit.

Well, it's been a nail biting week. I don't know about yours but mine's all trimmed. Not proper but surely trimmed. It has been said, "what goes up must come down". Now, I'm hoping that "what comes down must go up!"

Like I mentioned in the beginning, you'll gain no useful knowledge from this post. Absolutely none. But, I hope to be able to divert your focus away from the candles and enjoy some weird news from around the world. Useless but viral. Go figure. That's how our world operates now.

Useless news #1:

A woman opens the plane's emergency door and climbs on to the wing. Reason for doing so? It's too hot in the plane. If this intrigue you, get more details here.

Useless news #2:

A parrot named Chico that can belt out Beyonce's "If I Were A Boy" better than you and I. Hear Chico sing here.


Image Source

Useless news #3.

This may not be useless after all. With all the scams going round in the crypto world, we may learn something from this article. Article is titled "Why People Keep Falling for Hoaxes - It's not because they're stupid".


Image Source (Cropped)

Okay, the 1 minute is up. Hope I'd somehow helped you ease into Monday.

This is a short break from the Crypto Around the World series I'm doing. You can find the the first & second articles here & here.

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