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Pyro Shaman

Enter the Fun Man Metaverse ~ Updated Weekly

By funmanbobyjo | funmangalaxy | 13 Jan 2022

Link to the Interactive Fun Map Metaverse:

This is a great place to begin your funmanbobyjo journey, but make sure to ready this article to fully understand all of the ways you can play funman!

What This Article Will Discuss


 ~ NFT Air Drop Targets

 ~ Owning assets for whitelisting on Nefty drops

 ~ Weekly fights and how to advance

 ~ Blending EATs (Exclusive Airdrop Targets)

Not Included in this Article

 ~ Writing NFT Descriptions for Rewards
 ~ Telegram Questing
 ~ Joining the team of artists
 ~ Chat Room Staking Duels
 ~ FUNMAN Token and LIVE EVENTS in Telegram

NFT Air Drop Targets


The best way to earn funmanbobyjo NFTs is by owning weekly airdrop targets, which get NFTs dropped to them each Friday. These NFTs will build up in your wallet, allowing you to blend limited time trophies and new drop targets!

How do you know what NFTs are drop targets?

I will tell you here: 

Best Common Drop Targets: Settlement, Wanderer
(I recommend holding at least 5 of these to build up supplies)

Seasonal Drop Target: Gnome Tramp from Enchanted Gnome Chest
(It is good to buy the Enchanted Gnome Chest when you can afford)

Rare Drop Targets: Seeker, Dreamer
(I recommend holding at least one of these if you can afford)

Blendable Rare Drop Targets: Explorer, Dungeon Raider, Dung Totem
(These are recommended to blend as many as you can, because they are in limited supply and will produce a weekly NFT pack)

Other Extremely Rare Drop Targets: Hellfire Goblin Shaman, Dragon Tamer, Genie
(These are pricy but can only help)

These can all be bought on Atomic Hub secondary HERE or Nefty drops HERE



Owning Assets for Whitelisting on Neftyblocks

If you travel through the Interactive Fun Map, you will see lots of links for different Nefty drops. Often time these links will be linked to the image of the NFT required to claim the drop. For example, the 'Mysterious Sparkle Wand' drop is linked to the picture of the NFT on the map. These drops can also be found on

What Assets Do I Need To Hold To Claim Free Drops?

 ~ Mysterious Sparkle Wand
 ~ Mysterious Sparkle Wand (Shiny)
 ~ Amethyst Pickaxe
 ~ 1 asset from the tribalfunman schema
 ~ More coming soon...



Weekly Fights and How To Advance

The weekly fights are now a drop that can be claimed on neftyblocks for 0.1 WAX. A link can be found the the drop page inside the Funmanian Tavern HERE. To participate in the fights, you must own at least one NFT from the 'tribalfunman' schema. Once you fight at the bar enough times, you will find a Coper Ingot and a Fragile Key Mold if you are lucky. Then you can head over to the forge to smith your copper key. Once you own a Copper Key, you can progress to fighting Dung Gremlins in the wastelands HERE. Soon there will be more monsters to fight in the funlands as well.

Discord Lava Mines (Find Lava Elemental EAT)

There is also a way to search for NFTs every hour in the Discord Lava Mines using commands like '!explore'. Once you find the Magma Key you can progress farther in the caves there. The Lava Mines have a few NFTs that are only found there, so look out for the 'Lava Elemental' and 'Fireball' NFTs. There is more information there on how to get started. Join funman Discord HERE

Blending EATs (Exclusive Airdrop Targets)

Your main goal in funmanbobyjo should be to hold as many EATs (Exclusive Airdrop Targets) as you can. EATs are NFT airdrop targets that can produce exclusive drops, meaning that they have a special NFT that is only found in their weekly drop. 

List of current EATs: Wanderer, Seeker, Explorer, Dungeon Raider, Dreamer, Rainbow Dung, Dung Totem, Charcoal Totem, and More! 

EATs Coming Soon: Drunken Gem Mine, Elite Pyro Sage, Dung City, Pyro Community, Giggle Town

The purpose of owning these NFTs is to get a change at exclusive drops, which will be needed for blends in the future, so players who own EATs will always have an advantage. These are all in limited supply to give the power to the players, who get to choose the market for their limited and exclusive NFTs.

Click Here to Blend Away

Thanks for reading, and have a great time in the world of funmanbobyjo! :)



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The funmanbobyjo collection is a great way to add value to your wax wallet by mining weekly NFTs by passively holding farmerfunman assets in your wallet. Get air drops weekly with a chance at rare blending materials, and blend active farms!


Mine weekly, air-dropped NFTs just by holding certain funmangalaxy assets in your wax cloud wallet. Work towards building a shop in the metaverse to earn 50% of all wax sales from that shop! Upgrade your shop with blends and drops to attract other players to your lands. Enter the funman Metaverse: Join on Telegram to learn more or to win free NFTs:

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