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funmanbobyjo founders token: "...grants the ability to manifest matter at will."

Best Way to Invest in the New Play to Earn, NFT Air Drop Game, funmanbobyjo

By funmanbobyjo | funmangalaxy | 17 Dec 2021

Intro to funmanbobyjo

 If you aren't familiar with funmanbobyjo, the foundation of the game is simply that you hold certain air drop target NFTs in your Wax Cloud Wallet to earn passive weekly rewarded NFTs. In this post, I will be discussing the best ways to invest into funmanbobyjo and why. Some people may want to buy certain NFTs depending on what route they want to take in the production of their own NFTs and NFT farms, so I will explain what the main drop targets do at the end of this article.

**If you are completely unfamiliar with how to start playing and making a Wax Cloud Wallet account, there is an article here that will explain how to get started for free, then you can come back to this article again when you are ready to make your first investment into funmanbobyjo (usually with WAX).

Best Ways to Buy In to funmanbobyjo

There are a few good ways to buy in to funmanbobyjo and a few poor ones. I want to make the options clear to people who have no idea what is going on, and want the right weekly air dropped NFTs to play.

Best Ways to Buy In

1. Drops on
2. Buying Auctions on Atomichub
3. Buying packs from other players
4. Buying FUNMAN from other players

Worst Ways to Buy In

1. Buying random NFTs on Atomichub without knowing what they do
2. Only buying the very cheapest supplyfunman NFTs and not drop targets for weekly rewards

Why Should You Want to Buy In?

Before going in detail about the best ways to buy in, let's talk about why one would want to buy in and get weekly NFTs building up in their wallet in the first place...
There are different tiers of air drop targets, and all of the best ones are limited to a certain number of mints. So getting as many of these limited mint targets as you can is the best way to build your way up to getting exclusive drops. All of the limited air drop targets that you can blend on Neftyblocks will get a chance at exclusive drops each week.

For example, there is a limited number of Explorer air drop targets that can be blended by upgrading the Wanderer with a few rare items such as the Golden Robe of Protection and the Humble Cave Goblin Companion.

Owning these exclusive drop targets will grant a weekly chest that can be opened here on Neftyblocks for a chance at extremely rare and exclusive drops, or the chest can be simply be sold to other players. Opening all of your chests will supply the required NFTs for certain blends on Neftyblocks that will let you choose what path to take in blending, trading, and selling NFTs. Many players will save up a large supply of these NFTs to use when limited blends come out.

Best Ways to Buy In to funmanbobyjo continued...

1. The limited time drops on can be viewed here

Some of these drops like the 'Race to Pharaohood - Limited Time Pack' can be bought once a day, but is more of a gamble than the other packs, with a 66% chance at being empty and a 1 in 100 chance at super rare Pharaoh blend NFTS. This pack is only 0.75 WAX and is good to buy if you want to take your chances, but if you are new you may want to start with a pack that has guaranteed odds.

The Enchanted Gnome Chest is a pack that is limited to one pack per person and priced at 50 WAX each. But is has guaranteed odds at a Gnome Tramp who will receive weekly NFT rewards that will change each season as well as one farm NFT air drop target and 2 other supplyfunman NFTs with a chance at rares.

The RAM Pack #1 and the Race to Pharaohood are also good options to buy, but first read through the rest of the options below to see the other ways to invest into funmanbobyjo.

2. The Live Auctions on can be viewed here

There aren't always live auctions, but when there are, you may be able to find extremely good deals on funmanbobyjo assets. Auctions are usually posted once a week, so feel free to check them every so often. 

3. Buying Packs and Assets from Other Players can be done on here

This may be a good way for players to buy in from other players depending on what price the items are listed at. Be sure to look at the past sells and feel free to ask questions in the telegram chat here if you are unsure if something is a good deal. Usually Wanderer NFT drop targets are listed pretty low for new players wishing to buy in for cheap.

4. The Most FUN Way to Buy In is to buy FUNMAN Token from other players here on Alcor

This way of buying in is fairly risky, but easily has the greatest chance at large rewards when you have an extra 20-30 minutes to spare on a funmanbobyjo LIVE EVENT. The way these live events work is that at least 3 people contribute 50-100 FUNMAN token to the pot depending on the event. A portion of the FUNMAN will be saved in the Partysupplyz wallet and most of the token will be given out in the event at random or to the winners depending on the event (**be sure to read event details). Also a lot of NFTs will be given out at these events, so be ready for anything. If you win the event, you will get your FUNMAN token back and more! So you can sell some back if you wish to make your money back.

You can usually find FUNMAN listed on Alcor for around the price of 0.2 - 0.3 WAX per FUNMAN, so it may take around 10-33 WAX to buy into a LIVE EVENT at the time of writing this. This price could change at any point and is entirely set by the players who own the FUNMAN token.

These events could be anything from a dungeon catacomb, gambling game, boss fighting event and more! So read the event descriptions in the telegram chat to see what events you may be interested in.

Thank you for reading "Best Way to Invest in the New Play to Earn, NFT Air Drop Game, funmanbobyjo," and I hope you are at least interested in learning more about the world of funmanbobyjo! 

Below is a List of a few Exclusive Air Drop Targets in Order of Rarity

1. Wanderer (Stinky Tier - 1 NFT weekly)
2. Seeker  (Decent Tier - 1 NFT weekly)
3. Gnome Tramp (Seasonal Rewards - 1 NFT weekly)
4. Explorer (Rare - gets 3 NFTs weekly)
5. Eternal Hellfire Goblin Shaman (Mystic Tier - 1 NFT weekly)
6. Dungeon Raider (Legendary Tier - 3 NFTs weekly)
7. Dragon Tamer (Titan Tier - 1 NFT weekly)
8. Rainbow Dung (Fun Tier - 3 NFTs weekly)


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