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Functionisland - Long-term investment platform.

By D!ngoX | Functionisland | 16 Jan 2021

Functionisland - Long-term investment platform.


How the platform are working and why you should join.
*If you are tired of being cheated, this is the platform for you.!


  • Functionisland are not a copy platform, it is the first of its kind.
  • Has paid out since 17th September 2020.
  • Provides passive income every day.
  • Platform is audit by "Defi Audit" with maximum score.
  • Price Floor (Unique & Innovative Feature) which ensures guarantee for minimum price of D1VS tokens, so that no one can dump the price.
  • There will soon be some big news about the platform!!


How it Works:

You buy D1VS with your TRX from your wallet, you can use: TronLink extension in you browser or TronLink, KleverWallet on you mobile device.
There are a 10 % fee then you buy.

Once you have bought as many as you want of D1VS, you will receive more D1VS, then people buy and sell on the platform.

Then you can reinvest  (compound) more and more every time. (The more D1VS you have, the more profit you get)

Then it time for a payout, you need to pay 10% fee of your D1VS payout amount.


Link to Platform: >>Visit Functionisland Now<<


Link to TronLink Wallet browser extension: Get Tronlink Wallet

Link to TronLink Wallet on mobile devices: Get Tronlink Wallet





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