Payments from my high risk investment using TRX

By fun2learn | fun2learn | 23 Jul 2020

I started investing my TRX in troninvesting only yesterday.

I shared about it in a post on publishox yesterday. It was actually my first post on this platform.

I am actually new to this staking business so I did not really understand about the profit part of the staking system.

It seems like troninvesting is not really staking but we are depositing our TRX into its investment pool and withdrawing out with a profit daily based on the number of days that we choose to invest with different percentage of profit.

I managed to withdraw two times so far from the system successfully and I sort of reinvested back into the system that will create a compound interest.

Below is a screenshot of my current status and it seems to charge 3 TRX when we deposit or withdraw.


Image Source

One of those very attractive hooks like other programmes is usually the referral system that gives us the strong impression that we can earn passively through it.

It has a 3-level deep referral system with attractive profit to gain.

5% referral reward for level 1.

3% referral reward for level 2.

1% referral reward for level 3.

Invite bonus 1%


I saw on youtube that one of the investors of this system managed to earn over 1000 TRX through its referral system. (I wonder if promoters do warn those who are joining about the high risk but I guess they are out there just to profit from those ignorant ones)

As you can see, I do not have any referral since I have not intensively promoted my referral link because it is a high-risk investment so we do not know how long troninvesting would last.

I sort of decided that this is not a long-term investment plan for me as we really do not know how long it can last but it is a short-term quick gain for me to increase my amount of TRX in the shortest time.

My current plan is to gather a nice profit from the system while I still can since it is new.

I would use the quick profit gain and invest in other more secure system without such high risk.

I must admit that high profit = high risk in this case.

By choosing the 7-day plan (Short Term), I am able to gain an additional of 19% to my original TRX. It is actually faster than leaving on staking in exchanges or Atomic wallet but I am taking the risk of losing everything. (I am aware of possible hit-and-run system)

When I invest my TRX in this system, I am actually creating a smart contract on Tron network.

I watched a youtube videoclip by Cryptoslo about how we can still withdraw our earning from such system even if the website is down.

Since it is a smart contract on Tron blockchain, we can use tronscan or other tron systems to access the contract and execute a withdrawal order on the smart contract even if the website is on maintenance or totally down.

Below was the youtube videoclip that I watched about withdrawal without accessing the website using the smart contract.

Video Source 

By posting this on publishox, I can find the above videoclip again when I do need to execute such order but hopefully I do not need to do so if the system stays around while I am investing in it.

Cryptoslo did mention in the above videoclip that he does not recommend us to try such system.

I have only recently started to invest in TRX so I am actually really new to the Tron Blockchain System.

My impression of the founder, Justin Sun, was not good with his whole drama at steem platform.

I decided to invest in TRX after finding out about the partnership that it has with Samsung and Justin’s big business appetite to overtake Ethereum.

It has recently ventured into Defi that can really indicate how aggressive Tron network is in advancing Tron to a greater height in the competitive market.  

When I started staking using TRX, I had to figure out the use of Tronlink extension on Google Chrome and also the bandwidth and energy of its system.

With my personal opinion of the potential of TRX, it will be good to have a stake in it while it is still dirt cheap but I can see from the market that TRX has a sudden increase of its price at the point of publishing this post.

I wonder whether it has anything to do with the sudden price pump of Ethereum after the new announcement of Ethereum 2.0 by the developers.

I may be taking a high risk in troninvesting system but I am using the profit that I gained in my trading cryptocurrency in the past actually. I gained a nice little profit from trading OMG when it was first listed on Coinbase with its sudden price increase then.

I may also be planning to reinvest only the profit that I gain from troninvesting so I would not risk my original capital after taking a high risk at the early stage of this investment.

If I am successful and the system continues to pay me while it is still around, I would gain a nice significant profit.

Warning - When this contract has zero trx balance, it would mean that no one can withdraw anymore trx. Do not invest as it is really risky.


Disclaimer: This is my personal reflection and I am not in any position to instruct anyone what they should do. I am not responsible for any action taken as a result of this post. My post can only be a reference for your further research and growth.

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