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By fun2learn | fun2learn | 7 Jan 2021

My current experience in publishox is most people are interested in reading crypto-related articles.

It has been pleasant to see the number of viewers whenever I shared about my experience with Cake Defi.

When compare with Hive and Steem, the chances of people reading my article is seriously higher than posting on those platforms since they may be overpopulated by upvoting bots rather than real readers.

The manual curation where we give out tips would lead us to take a look at the articles at publishox.

There were times when I am already out of tip for the day but I still visit publishox to read crypto-related articles.

When I shared about the staking DFI tokens at Cake Defi with 37% APY, there were many who were interested and many members on publishox do hunt for such great online earning opportunities.

I am currently also yield farming at 1inch where I am providing DAI-1inch liquid pair into its pool.

I notice that the APY goes up and down depending on the price of 1inch actually as well as the total value that is being provided in the pool.

I personally see that 1inch as my next investment opportunity.

Uniswap tokens are at the price of $6.22 at the point of this post. There is a good chance for the 1inch tokens to grow as valuable as the uniswap tokens.

I bought 1inch at about $1.20 once to participate in yield farming. When my total value of my liquid pair dropped because of the price 1inch headed down to $1.10, I decided to buy slightly more to level up.

The price of 1inch even went down to almost a dollar that can really make an investor’s heart sink.

With the high eth gas fee since ETH had been pumped quite extensively to make new height, it was not profitable for me to pour in more money.

I was great to see that I am starting to see the price recovery of 1inch above $1.20 and it even went as high as $1.52 on 6 Jan 2021.

I guess those who wanted to sell off their free airdrop had already done so and the rest are serious people who simply wanted to earn in the liquidity pool like me.

It is really great to see my total value in the liquidity pool increases with the price of the 1inch. The APY had also increased significantly.

I did not get any free airdrop of 1inch actually so I am those who bought to participate in yield farming.

With 1inch token at the early stage, no one can really predict how far it can go.

If 1inch ever becomes the preferred crypto swap, early adopters and hodlers would gain many times from their initial investment.

I am quite sure that there are those who have read to the end about my sharing of 1inch since we do have many active readers at publishox.

Thank you for reading my article.

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