A Reliable Staking, Farming And Lending Platform

By fun2learn | fun2learn | 29 Sep 2021

Most of us are involved in staking cryptocurrencies to earn rewards. There are others who are willing to lend out their crypto or participate in yield farming to earn rewards.

It is important to find a reliable platform to do so and Cake Defi is just one of the secured and reliable ones around.

Cake Defi is a Singapore registered company. I have participated in staking for more than a year on Cake Defi and have yet to face a problem.


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It has an attractive reward for staking DFI tokens.


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Its lending service has a guaranteed reward so we can make good use of our cryptocurrencies that may be sitting somewhere in our crypto wallet or exchanges.


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The liquidity mining(yield farming) is another option for those who like to earn dual cryptocurrencies but I personally prefer staking as yield farming may cause us to incur impermanent loss due to increase or reduce of crypto prices.


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New users of Cake Defi would get $20 worth of DFI tokens after a first deposit of $50.

An additional of $10 worth of DFI tokens would be given when new users sign up using a referral link.


New users can get a total of $30 worth of DFI tokens when they sign up using a referral link.

These free DFI tokens would be locked up for 180 days with staking rewards to ensure new members would have experienced Cake Defi for six months as well as to prevent abusers from selling their free reward.

One of the things that may hinder one from signing up is the need for identity verification.

We need to provide documents for verification: -

  • Our identity - our identity card or passport.
  • Our residential - utility bills or anything that has our address and name on it

Most people may be concerned about their personal information being revealed online but I personally feel that Cake Defi is reliable to safeguard our information since it is an officially registered company in Singapore.

It is common to complete KYC nowadays with stricter law enforcement in many countries especially for cryptocurrency.

Regardless of our current financial situation, we can earn on Cake Defi even if we do not invest.

If we have the spare cash, we can investment and earn a nice APY but if we do not have much spare cash, we can recommend others to join this profitable opportunity and earn from there.

As a Singapore registered company with a physical office, I personally feel it is a safer investment that many other crypto opportunities out there.

Those without spare cash may have to put in some effort to get referrals but a nice pool of referrals would ensure a nice future passive income.

Below is my referral link if you are interested to sign up and get the $30 worth of free DFI tokens as well as start referring people to earn referral rewards without actual investment.



Disclaimer: This is my personal reflection and I am not in any position to instruct anyone what they should do. I am not responsible for any action taken as a result of this post. My post can only be a reference for your further research and growth.

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