8 to 10% APY By Leaving Your BTT or Win on Poloniex

By fun2learn | fun2learn | 2 Aug 2020

I am currently staking my BTT at more than one platform but most of the BTT staking platforms do not offer the flexibility of immediate withdrawal even if it does like Bankroll Boost would require 10% transaction fee.


I have recently read about the rewards that we can have by leaving our BTT or Win on Poloniex.

From 2 May 2020, Poloniex Customers are able to get staking rewards simply by leaving their BTT or Win in Poloniex wallet without a lock-up period.

There is no fee for staking at Poloniex since we are simply leaving our BTT or Win in our Poloniex wallet.

That would mean that we are free to trade or withdraw our BTT or Win while leaving our BTT or Win on Poloniex but we need to have at least 1000 BTT or 5000 Win balance to qualify for the reward.

BTT or Win Balances would be recorded 4 times daily by Poloniex to find out the balances of our BTT or Win. Our staking reward would be based on those daily snapshots.

Bank of Tron may give an amazing interest but it is a high-risk system that we put our BTT into the liquid pool so we may not get back our BTT if the BTT liquid pool ever runs dry.

Dlive has also introduced staking of BTT with a high interest of around 20% annually but this interest rate can change depending on the transactions made on Dlive. When we want to unstake, it will take two weeks before we can get back our BTT so I personally feel that those who like to trade their BTT or Win actively would find that it lacks the flexibility even though the interest rate is so attractive.

Earning 8% APY while leaving it on Poloniex would allow us to trade fast when we see a price that we would like to sell our BTT or Win for quick profit.

When the price is not good, we are still growing our BTT or Win passively using the interest that it is offering. Not sure how long this interest would last.

You can find out more this BTT and Win Staking rewards on the website of Poloniex.

Sign up for an account with Poloniex or Visit Poloniex using the link below if this interests you.


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