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Hi All, let me tell you a little story about Noise.Cash. As I was starting off on my journey to get back into crypto I stumbled onto Publish.Ox, I also at the same time stumbled onto, a microblogging site that hands out BCH tips to give users and you get some back yourself, it has since evolved a few times since then as it changes the rules but the basic premise is

1. Write short blogs
2. Users tip you with free BCH
3. Profit

so I have been on there for going on three months so I would thought I would track how I have gone over time.


The first thing I looked at was the raw numbers, how is the BCH tracking? As you can see it is pretty linear growth, the best day was 0.0027 BCH, the worst 0.00005 and averaging 0.001.

On of the things that obscure this that has a budget of $4000 a day to give out tips, not a budget in BCH, so as the price of BCh has gone up the tips are still given in $ and translated into BCH, so the amount of BCH does not translate into $ received over time, in fact with the price increase of BCh I have had to better overtime to keep up recently. Some of this growth has been due to a lot of spammers being removed, making the pool smaller.


So next I tracked the $USD dollar value, both at the time of issue each day and now given the current $1300 price for BCH


As you can see I should have only earned $60 BCH based on the daily $ value of BCh at the time of issue, however, due to this recent bull run I have doubled this to $120 UDS of BCH or almost 0.09 BCH. On my best day, I earn $2 USD, worst $0.3 and on avg. $0.7 UDS

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Fun ways to get into crypto
Fun ways to get into crypto

I decide to write a (hopefully) series of blogs on how to get into different crypto coins easily and start to have a play, hopefully without needing to invest any money in the process.

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