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Day one of APE mining - currently 1825% APR

So yesterday I jumped into and invested in some set asset and some liquid. I bought 4 CPU at 4 APE and 1 GPU for 25 APE. These are currently paying out from a set pool (yay) and will do so until... well who know when. Now I'm never getting that back, they are locked in.

I also bought 50 liquid APE which earns me a portion of 10% of the miners sold.

So around 80 APE invested, 50 which is liquid.

Yesterday I got paid 4 APE which is a nice starting APR of around 1825% and pays for my 4 CPU, however early days are always the best days so we will see.

The other interesting thing is 9% of the circulating APE supply has already been burnt and ill be interested to see if this % holds up

Of course not financial advice


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Fun ways to get into crypto
Fun ways to get into crypto

I decide to write a (hopefully) series of blogs on how to get into different crypto coins easily and start to have a play, hopefully without needing to invest any money in the process.

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