Numio: Q1 2021

By Mark Anstead | Tech stuff | 31 Mar 2021


The Numio app was launched at the very start of Q1 2021 and has since clocked up over 10,000 downloads. We release updates to the app on a near weekly basis, we’ve added some fantastic features to the app (as well as many smaller ones), and have many more lined up. All in all it has been a fantastic start to the year.

Here is a quick look back at some of the biggest updates to date, and a peek at what will be dropping in the near future.


What We've Added in Q1


Your Choice of Backup

  • We made the assisted backup an optional service, and added an manual backup option that gives you more control.

    We know some people were put off using the app by the assisted backup (cloud backup with biometric security). Not everyone wants a Google account and not everyone wants to use biometrics, and why should they?

    So we now have an unassisted backup option for those who want a bit more control – just create an account with information of your choice, manually store your Recovery Key, and away you go.

    We will continue to offer assisted backup as an option for people who want  the option of an easy setup with NIST Grade Biometric Security. We will also be adding more cloud options, such as ProtonDrive. 

     We will shortly be publishing an on-boarding ‘How To’.

Numio Got Cheaper

  • We reduced the fee for making deposits from Layer 1 to Layer 2 (zkRollups) by ~50%.

    The Gas limit required for internal transfers (moving from Layer 1 to Layer 2) is now 59,000 for ETH and 110,000 for ERC20s.



  •  We added in-app notifications so you know whats happening. 



  • We improved load speeds and created a more scalable product.

MAX out 

  • We added a “Max” button and send all of the funds you hold in your wallet (on both internal transfers and withdrawals).



  • We made general transaction history and identity management improvements. 


Bug Fixes

  • Thanks to our community of exterminators helping to find and squash any annoying bugs 🐛


Coming Soon


More tokens

  • Additional tokens are being added to both Layer 1 and Layer 2.


UI Redesign 

  • There is a fantastic new look coming to Numio as we make the app even friendlier and add new

    We think you’ll like the new look. 

Like this but less blurry

iOS Release

  • How’d you like them Apples🍏


Layer 2 Trading, Swaps, Pooling and Lending

  • Swaps will be arriving soon with the others to follow.


Layer 2 Crypto Purchasing

  • We are adding the ability to buy crypto directly on Layer 2.


Cashback Rewards

  • We are adding PHNX cashback rewards for sending transactions in the app. 


Pay Day

  • A special, ongoing, promotion where you are in with the chance of winning a reward – full details to be announced.


Point of Sales Payments

  • Use QR Codes and NFC to pay in store. 



Stay in Touch

Watch our socials to be the first to know when these new features go live and, if you want a chat with the team, you can always find us on one of the links below.


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Tech stuff

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