How to Import Your MetaMask Wallet into Numio

By Mark Anstead | Tech stuff | 1 Apr 2022

Metamask has built an incredibly powerful tool for developers wanting to build on Ethereum, and Ethereum related networks, however the underlying issue of using a complex blockchain network remains for the average person. The result of this complexity is not insignificant issues in onboarding retail customers onto these systems.

Numio is focused on building the best UI/UX for people using Ethereum. Enabling them to use L2 powered technologies, like zkRollups (zero-knowledge rollups), DeFiNFTs, and to manage their digital identity right at their fingertips.

In order to begin managing your Ethereum assets on Numio, you must first obtain your current wallet’s private key, or passphrase*. To find your Metamask private key, follow these steps on your PC:


AS A REMINDER: Do not share your private key with anyone.

No one on the Numio team will ever ask for it.


1. Click on the account options button (the three dots),


2. Select Account Details,


3. Select export Private Key.

P.S. This QR code in your Metamask account contains your private key- you must never display it to anyone. This is shown just for educational purposes only.

You will soon be able to use it to import your wallet at the touch of a button.


4. Enter your password, if required,


5. Copy the private key from MetaMask, and load up your Numio App! If you haven’t downloaded it already, you can download the mobile app from iOS, or Android.

6. Tap on the Settings icon to begin importing a new wallet to your account.


7. Click on Add Wallet under “Imported Wallets”.


8. Here you will need to import your wallet with either your Passphrase or your Private Key.

Lastly, you will need to give a name to your imported wallet. Once all the information is correct, tap the Import button.


9. Your new wallet will appear on the Settings Page under the Imported Wallets section. You can add as many wallets as you want to your account. There is no stopping you.


Congratulations! Just remember, you can import more wallets into your application if you choose to.

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Tech stuff

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