Anonymity, a never-ending story

By fulghum | fulghum | 19 Jul 2019

What is the reason for being anonymous? In the past, we have answered this and other similar questions, we will try to summarize this.

The reason is not just one, but there are many. We will try to summarize them in several responses.

  • Anonymity itself has been linked to the root of Bitcoin as such, the P2P network has been founded as decentralized, uncontrollable, and unregulated. The only way to achieve this is to pay increased attention to anonymity.
  • Publicity can make you corrupted and you can become a target of threatening. Answer the question of how pleasant it would be to read about yourself and your family in some tabloid media.
  • How can we guarantee anonymity to anyone if we were not anonymous? Then we could not even ensure the safety of your saved finances.
  • We do not want Arbolet to be about names, but about creating a symbol that can inspire people and lead them. Names are transient and easy to destroy. The symbol persists.
  • We try to be the example for our members, we advise and publish a variety of articles on how to protect our privacy on the Internet. If we ourselves did not protect our privacy, we would have been hypocrites. We would preach water and drink wine.

Someone says anonymity is a paradise for fraudsters. That's also true, but...

  • The actual founders of the crypto exchanges and many of their clients are anonymous. Who really owns, for example, Bitfinex, it's practically nobody with absolute certainty knowing (formal leadership is there, but who are those investors who have a real impact on the business and operation?). Ultimately, the founder of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto is anonymous. He definitely has good reasons for that. The title of this paragraph could indicate that Bitcoin itself is a fraud and maybe even our entire financial system.
  • Banks, financial magnates, state administration, bailiffs, etc. are not anonymous and what about their bad behavior towards people.
  • It is quite possible that some day the activity of our community will not pleasant to someone with great influence and power. How would you feel to wake up with the uncertainty and fear about you or your children being in danger? Which criminal group will choose you as a target? Which government agency will want access to sensitive members' data and what will their representatives use to threaten? What regulation will be applied to stop us or destroy it? If these are not essential and understandable reasons for anonymity, then there is probably nothing.

Paranoia, or a very unpleasant reality of today?

So, when someone marks us as a scam because we are anonymous, just tell him one thing: If you do not care about your privacy, then you would rather join on Facebook. Anonymity there is not a topic, and Zuckerberg is reliable! He smiles on all the photos, so everything is fine... :D

Anonymity is an advantage, a privilege. It's something that you do not get automatically, but you should to know why it’s good for you and fight for it. No one else will guarantee you anonymity than you yourself.


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