Froog Contest! $1000 in ETH Prizes for 60 Users!

By | Froog Writes | 12 Nov 2021

Hi Publish0x Users!

This is Froog, a place where you can find jobs and gigs in the world of web3/DAO/crypto - you name it!

Today, we have a simple contest for you with $1000 in $ETH Prizes.

But first, a brief introduction:


At we have a wide range of interesting categories with plenty of opportunities!

The most interesting part is that most of these companies pay in crypto! From big, famous projects like Uniswap to newly created DAOs that pay for smaller roles and contributions.

It's all free for you to explore :)

Now, let's hop into the sweet part.

Task #1

$500 in $ETH among 50 users who follow us on Twitter [link] and like this post [link]

Simple, right? Drop us your Twitter @ handle in the comments below so we can pick the winners of this task!

Task #2

$500 in $ETH among 10 users who drop a link in the comments below to a page with interesting paid job listing/(s) at web3/DAO/crypto company/(ies). The more hidden, unknown, exotic source the better!

Tip: Ask your favorite DAO/crypto project if they have such a page, search on Twitter and discords. Example of such cool, unknown pages: [yearn] [FatexDAO]

We will not reward links to the following sites:,,,,,,

Start: Wednesday, 12th of November

Submit Entries (Comments) By 21st of November

P.S. You can even drop both tasks #1 and #2 in one comment below for a chance of winning both prizes!

Good luck!

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Discover job opportunities in the world of DAOs and Web3 at

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