The Doge roller coaster.

Every day I find myself singing this in my head to the tune of the Little Einsteins kids show.

"Cause we're going on a trip in our little rocket ship, soaring to the moon with little Doge too"

As we are all aware of by now is that the Dogecoin community (with "help" and the opposite from Elon) are pushing for the moon, from what I have witnessed in the last week is Doge is a roller coaster as of late 

As I  lay waiting.

 As each day passes I'm stuck here waiting for coinbase to support Dogecoin as this is the cryptowallet I have chosen on my quest for free cryptocurrency, Coinbase says they will be supporting Dogecoin in the coming weeks. 

But will it be too late for me?

I keep finding my head in the "what if mindset,

-what if I'd started getting free crypto earlier 

_what if I'd chosen a wallet that supports Dogecoin 

-What if it's too late to get on board with Doge 

These are all things I shouldn't worry about, I have started earning and building my portfolio, Doge is eventually coming to Coinbase and last but not least there's nothing stopping me getting a portion of Dogecoin when it is available for me, there is no point in dwelling on what it's the only thing I can do is learn and move forward. 

Final notes.

Tomorrow is Tuesday and the two faucet's I talked about in my first post will be paying out again which will be a small boost to my wallet and a big boost to my personal satisfaction as all it has cost me is my time.







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