The biggest stress I have found on my quest for free cryptocurrency

The free route isn't easy.

I knew from day one or as I call it ground zero, that this was going to be a long challenging process, the amount of time and patiently waiting I'd need to put in was going to be alot. Sadly I am not a patient person, don't get me wrong I'm happy with how far I have come.


with the small amounts I have in my portfolio is where my personal demons kick in, as the prices fluctuate based on the ever changing market and I see drastic drops in my already miniscule wallet my stress levels rise ( I don't know why this happens as it's not money I have directly invested) but none the less it gets at me.

My simple trick to help me through.

I have to remind myself to stop, take a deep breath and remind myself there is more coming shortly, this isn't a get rich quick scheme it's a long term investment that will take it's hits along the way either from the crazy price drops or rises or just from my mistakes but it also has the potential for a great return.

"Its a marathon, it's a marathon"

My final notes for this Post.

progress is key and getting stressed or discouraged isn't going to help me one bit so I just have to keep pushing on.

Thanks to everyone who has followed me on my journey sofar and has been taking the time to read my posts, and most of all thanks for all the tips along the way.

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From zero to zeros for free
From zero to zeros for free

My journey from zero dollars in cryptocurrency to as high as I can go without investing any money.

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