Ground zero, Finding a way to earn free cryptocurrency.


First off.

Now, I'm not going to lie I didn't really know where to start. All I knew was I wasn't ready to invest in crypto just yet but I did want to start building a portfolio without spending a cent , and to be completely honest I still don't know the best way but what I can tell you is I am learning and happy to share what has been working for me so far.

So where did I start?

Like usual I turned to Google and boy did that turn me inside out. So many promises of free crypto but I had to stop and think about the risks of handing out my emails and details online. At this point I decided to check on the app store for anything that looked like it may give me some return, well any return then I decided to just download a few apps and see where it took me.


The apps that have worked the best for me.

Keep in mind that free usually means some amount of effort is required, these two applications are sister apps and work the same way. 

Free litecoin

Free bitcoin cash

Every hour you get two free spins that let you choose which amount of Litoshi or Satoshi based on which application your using at the time, as well as multiple offer walls in which you complete tasks for larger sums of the selected crypto. I have found using the playtime offer wall the easiest as you just download a game and play it earning extra points as time passes 

These apps pay out every Tuesday litecoin pays out as long as you have earned over 100,000 Litoshi, Bitcoin cash pays out if you have earned over 10,000 Satoshi.

It's not huge amounts but it was my first step to getting my portfolio over $0

My final note for this Post.

As I said at the beginning I am learning and not a master of free cryptocurrency I'm just sharing what is working for me  as I go along, one quote I keep hearing is  "it's a marathon not a sprint" in the case of trying to earn free cryptocurrency it's a back to back marathon and you can't succeed if you don't even try.

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From zero to zeros for free
From zero to zeros for free

My journey from zero dollars in cryptocurrency to as high as I can go without investing any money.

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