Name 1 of your Best Talents! Mine is Cooking!
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Name 1 of your Best Talents! Mine is Cooking!

When I was about 16 years old, my mom had to travel abroad for a few months. She was the main cook in the household at that time. My dad never really cooked much unless he really had to. I had just joined a Gym the year prior and wasnin desperate need of solid meals to put on any muscle.

I slowly started expertimenting trying to replicate cooking the meals my mom had made over the years.
Keep in mind the internet back then was a dialup modem and finding good recipees took hours.
To my dads suprise my first meal was edible. Steamed rice with broccolli, green peas, baked chicken and green lettuce salad. Yes, there were a few meals after that didnt turn out so great but I kept at it and got better and better as the weeks passed.

When my mom finnaly returned she was in shock on how good my meals were turning out to be.

Few years later I started hanging out with a crowd of guys whos fridge was always close to empty. We all worked out together and after the gym, going ovee to their place there was never anything to eat. It was at this time I developed the talent to cook something out of nothing.

Some flour, 1 egg and water would equal to a tasty loaf of bread stuffed with dried cheese, spinach, olives and salami. A box of ramen nudels would turn into a italian bolognese feast. It was during this time I realized I had a given talent for cooking.

Fast forward a decade later and Im still at it. Somehow, I find time to make 3 solid meals almost every single day. All you have is your health so what better way to take care of it than feed it quality nutrients.

Keep your Health, Keep Cooking!




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