Bucket List Destination Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Bucket List Destination Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Puerto Vallarta is situated on Mexico's Southern West Coast. A group of 20 including myself flew out there for a suprise Birthday party for one of our family members. 

Its a smaller, very scenic and pretty beach city. 

Our accommodations though turned out to be in the Jungle, on the base of a huge mountain, with a private long beach and some crazy big waves. Turns out the Jungle behind us is where the Movie Predator with Arnold Schwarzenegger was shot.

The Weather was a sweet 84 Farenheit and the food was amazing everywhere we ate.

One of the highlights is that my wifes cousins husbands cousin plays Soccer for the Mexican National Team and he lives in PV and happend to be around. He came and took all 20 of us on this gigantic 3 story Yacht for a day out on the water.

We drank a lot of liquor  on our way to this Island where we had to Jump off the Boat and swim to shore. This proved to be very difficult as we were drunk and the water was really choppy.

The Island was amazing, had caves and beaches inside them which we got to explore. On the way back we went scuba diving on a few spots and saw some amazing marine life.

All in all it was a beautiful  trip with amazing people, weather, food and good vibes and as you can see by the Photo simply Brilliant Views....

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