Getting ready for November: BTC & ETH

Getting ready for November: BTC & ETH

A while back I built several tools to help me understand whether or not a seasonal element to Bitcoin and Etherum exists.   I didn't look at this until the 2nd week of October and really wish i would have looked at it earlier.   I'm sharing this a few days early to be prepared this month.  Because it is a few days early, October has not been updated yet.  See blow for seasonal charts for both BTC and ETH.

As you can see, historically November is another positive month for Bitcoin, though not as strong as October or December.  I calculate this using average daily returns, not point to point returns.  As you can see in the second chart, it also has a good hit rate as it has had positive returns in over 2/3's of the Novembers studied.




For Ethereum, its a different story with November being one of only 2 negative months over the time period studied.   Looking at its hit rate, its made money only 1/3 of the time during the time period studied.   Again, October has not been fully updated here and this is measured on daily returns, not point to point.





As always, this is not investment advice.  I use data sources I believe to be accurate but can make no guarantees so please do your own research before making a decision based on this information.




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