Axie Infinity: Origins Meta Report - Season 9 Late Epic Era (8 Jul 2024)

Archetype Usage, Win Rates, and Matchups

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Turnip turns out to still be too strong in the Epic Era, but at least there is another archetype that can compete at the top in the form of Pure DMG Sturdy Fighter. The meta seems to be a bit less diverse compared to the Rare Era with the similar few archetypes amongst the top. Let us hope that for next season there will be more archetypes being buffed to the point to being viable (again) at the top.


  • Turnip still at the very top

  • Pure DMG Sturdy Fighter has the highest win rate at the top

  • Same few archetypes amongst the top

Player Base Statistics



Closing on to 100k players for this Season. Close to 3000 players at Challenger. It is interesting to see a tri-modal distribution with one at Egg of course, but also one at Tiger and one at Boar. It is interesting to see that amount of players who are stuck at Boar, which is not common from previous seasons.

One additional note from my personal experience. For this season I have decided to go completely free-to-play, playing my Rare team in the Epic Era. With that, I am currently at around Dragon II which means most players around and below Dragon are most likely not be spending much, if at all. This also gives an idea that only around 4000 players out of the close to 100k players spends on the game in terms of crafting and/or Runes and Charms each season.

Archetype Usage

Overall archetype usage


I was very wrong when I said Turnip may not make it in the Epic Era. Turnip is still very much the most dominant archetype at the very top with Pure DMG Sturdy Fighter along side. Fury Aggro is still around at 2200-2300 VStar. Below that we have Jinx, Poison, Feather as well. Perch, Anemone, Sustain, and Sandal can be seen around 2000 VStar.

Archetype Win Rates and Matchups

Overall Archetype Win Rates


Pure DMG Sturdy Fighter seems to be the strongest at the very top though of course we are talking about 1-2 players at 2300+ playing the archetype. The rest of the archetypes are pretty much settled at their corresponding VStar brackets.

Archetype Matchups


Interestingly Pure DMG Sturdy Fighter does not seem to have a particular good matchup against the popular archetypes such as Poison, Fury Aggro, and Jinx, but its good matchup against Turnip may be one that allows it to perform well at the very top. Pure DMG Strudy Fighter seems to be the only one that is giving the top Turnip teams some trouble.


Turnip turns out to still be too strong in the Epic Era. Let us see if this will continue in the Mystic Era. I am sure it will be a fun one at the top in the Mystic Era, but for the majority of us who play casually, we will just watch and see what happens while continuing to grind AXP for our Axies.

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Additional Data


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