Axie Infinity: Origins Meta Report - Season 7 Late Mystic Era (26 Feb 2024)

By mauriceccy | From Professor to Gamer | 26 Feb 2024

Archetype Usage, Win Rates, and Matchups

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Healing Pulse. What more can I say. Not much has changed for the meta in Axie Origins since last week. At least there is still Brutal Claw Bleed. Sandal is making it top 50 with Mantis Dagger discarding 2 Cards with Sandal, which can help against the Retain for Cucumber Slice in Healing Pulse teams.

At this point, I am not sure why we need a Final Era with more rewards. Will anything change in the Final Era? I just want to keep forward and see what the balance changes will be like after this season.


  • Healing Pulse even more dominant at the top

  • Brutal Claw and Perch still around in top 50

  • Sandal with Shady Exchange making it up at top 50

Player Base Statistics

      Rank  # Players    Rankings
Challenger       5702      1-5702
    Dragon       8450  5703-14152
     Tiger       8982 14153-23134
      Bear       4584 23135-27718
      Wolf       4285 27719-32003
      Boar       5740 32004-37743
      Hare       8065 37744-45808
     Chick      13434 45809-59242
       Egg      14980 59243-74222

108c7e359128c203157dd97c1b31bc55.png Number of Players in each Victory Star Brackets

As usual, another 5000+ players tried out Axie Origins since the last report, 3000+ of those players at 0-200 VStar. Number of players in Tiger steadily decreasing by around 1000 players since last week. More players move up but not many players getting into Tiger. Over 5700 players are now at Chellenger with more than half of the players in Challenger at 1800-1900 VStar. It seems like the overall Axie Origins player base has been steady but this Mystic Era has driven some top players out of the game.

Archetype Usage

Overall archetype usage

f752c37dc45f104e8542cec65f120f15.png Archetype Usage for Matches Played in each Victory Star Bracket

The top is all Healing Pulse. 3 matches were played at 2700+ during Days 10-12 of the Mystic Era in Season 7. There are 16 players above 2500 VStar at the time of writing. Brutal Claw is hanging in there but Healing Pulse is still too good.

Sandal is worth noting as it is seen significantly at 2400-2500 VStar as well as being the most popular archetype in 1900+ VStar. Mantis Dagger on Sandal discarding 2 cards definitely helps with its win rate. I should also note that there is a glimpse of Poison at 2400-2500 VStar in the top 50.

Another thing to note is the signifiacnt amount of experimentation with combinations of archetypes ("Multiple archetypes") including Healing Pulse + Brutal Claw, Brutal Claw + Feather, Perch + Tiny Fan, and Perch + Healing Pulse.

Archetype Win Rates and Matchups

Overall Archetype Win Rates

3385fd261f4426fe684ba344a0b63a4b.png Overall Win Rates of Popular Archetypes

Optimised Healing Pulse, Brutal Claw, and Perch are enjoying some good win rates, otherwise the rest is quite even, meaning players should have quite even win rates as long as they are not too high up on the ladder. It is interesting to see that Sustain finally not making it to the top probably because of Healing Pulse. Perhaps this is what the balance team had in mind. We need counters to Sustain teams.

Archetype Matchups

9cdbf5e84e72df461673c58d2eeb2bc9.png Overall Archetype Matchups

As many players are joining the Healing Pulse gang, the not-so-optimised teams can struggle against Brutal Claw and Poison. Otherwise Healing Pulse is having a very good time.

Perch is also not bad as long as you do not face Healing Pulse or Sustain.

Brutal Claw is also a good option if you do not face Perch, Ramp Tiny Fan, and Sustain. Spikes can also be tough for Brutal Claw if you are lower down the ladder.

Sandal has quite an even matchup spreads and it is relatively affordable. Healing Pulse and Perch can be tough for Sandal teams but otherwise it is a good pick if you are looking for a relatively budget team, though do note that the best Sandal teams run Shady Exchange which is not the most affordable.


Another week, pretty much the same meta. Sandal with Shady Exchange and Energy Shard would be the only thing I would add since last week. I do not expect anything to change for the Final Era. Perhaps we should go back to just having 3 Eras so that the rewards can be more evenly distributed between the 3 formats - Rare, Epic, and Mystic.

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Additional Data

           # Matches Played in Days 10-12
2700+                                   3
2600-2700                             287
2500-2600                            1833
2400-2500                            2923
2300-2400                            8746
2200-2300                           16842
2100-2200                           23208
2000-2100                           44315
1900-2000                           78496

8484ceb253ff2da8d7c6b635f7ed616b.png c4cada39e2ca382322aee84d872e3141.png e0b5d8fd7c27fde72a0f5f31ea4fd5d0.png 161c20885ad114085b2d4251799e7423.png 0c7b79fa8ed3af13c26eee55f9cdabac.png e8505c839e364ef9738501c079c28219.png f15d6c2e1dee69aaab686325546b0360.png 83e61f2ae1d763cbe1cfa078f5934d3c.png d19d26fac827ec159e3762e4eb508e9f.png cc514b550052f2603562ff1181f74d34.png 415ac095ef8778f4b5126ee7eed17f49.png 7c2281ab2e2b3ce1a9572f00e366eab8.png f63df5a0c30ca548eb8176b86ec94bc8.png a11dae87c4d9701a99d24d30732a3a80.png dbba4a9180fea99db39852402fd3a18c.png e05a5df35694280ee6678f1aa8d81488.png a6405d39b09321b6ddeb208e4666023b.png dfdd9ae128ff6f399195dd2f07aa4d31.png e7d969a35fbc5c07aad977b5c56d4dd9.png deb95f856872c6a82c74fe81c805215a.png



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