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For a few months, competition has been raging in the Crypto-fitness field and more particularly in the Move to Earn field and the Oyabun project intends to make a place in this sector. With a very nice graphic aspect, a concept rather oriented manga and GameFi, its ambition is to dethrone the leader of the moment: Step'N.

What exactly is Oyabun (OYAB/BUN)?

Oyabun is a Web 3 application of the Move to Earn type and oriented GameFi/SocialFi. It's a new generation of applications that mixes the video game aspect, fitness and social experiences through decentralized finance (DeFi). This consists in paying users with cryptocurrency or NFTs through physical activity and allows users to interact with the application.

In Oyabun, you will embody a Cyber-Yakuza with whom you will have to carry out different missions. To do so, you will have to practice a physical activity and therefore walk at least. Whether it's a simple trip to the shops, an evening jog or a real marathon, every step you take counts.

The Move to Earn aspect of the application will allow you to obtain tokens (OYAB) as well as to find objects in the form of NFTs during your daily movements. The NFTs will allow you to improve the basic statistics of your Cyber-Yakuza and to set up a long term strategy to maximize its earnings.

Then comes the gaming part with Fight and Earn, which consists in fighting other users through challenges. The fights will take place in a fighting arena and the goal is obviously to come out on top. As the winner, you will win the Oyabun game's cryptocurrency, the OYAB.

The application will be available for free during the summer for download on Android and the App Store. The whole ecosystem will be based on the Polygon blockchain which has been selected for its speed of execution and low transaction costs.

Different NFT Cyber-Yakuza usable in Oyabun

In Oyabun, you must first have an NFT which represents a Cyber-Yakuza. It is this character in the game that will allow you to have a virtual identity and progress with time.

This character will have the particularity to have a certain type, a bit like a family and it is thanks to these different types of Yakuza that you will be able to set up a game strategy. You have the possibility to acquire a Cyber-Yakuza NFT among the 6 following characters:

  • Saya
  • Dae-Su
  • Akira
  • Takeshi
  • Kusanagi
  • Miyamoto


Each of them will have random stats but some attributes will be favored. For example, Dae-Su will have a higher base strength than Saya. On the other hand, Saya will potentially have more chance to counterbalance this lack of strength.

As in the vast majority of NFT projects, your Yakuza will possess a certain rarity. This rarity will influence the range of basic statistics as well as the amount of points earned at each level. So there are 4 levels available, which are :

  • Common - Base 10-15 - 2 Points per level
  • Rare - Base 13-20 - 3 Points per level
  • Epic - Base 16-25 - 4 Points per level
  • Legendary - Base 22-30 - 5 Points per level

As you can see, the rarer your Cyber-Yakuza on Oyabun is, the higher its stats will be and the higher your chances of winning. But this is not the only thing to take into account to ensure a victory.

Equipment to perfect your strategy and multiply your chances of winning
In addition to your Cyber-Yakuza Oyabun, you have the possibility to wear different equipment to maximize your stats. These items will be separated into 3 different categories:

  • Weapons: Katana, pistol, baseball bat, brass knuckles, hunting knife, shotgun ....
  • Biotech: Bionic eye, mechanical hand, robotic legs, jet pack, breastplate, gas mask...
  • Martial Arts: Judo, Aikido, Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, Sumo, Ninjutsu...

It is possible to find these objects which will take the form of NFTs during your movements according to your luck. Logically, the more luck you have, the better your chances of getting NFTs.

So there are a total of 5 items that can be worn simultaneously depending on the level of your Yakuza.


As you can see, the items also have a certain level that will increase their statistics.

The Cyber-Yakuza clans in Oyabun

Finally, it is also important to talk about clans because they will have an important place in the ecosystem. There are 3 different clans available in Oyabun which are respectively

  • Dragon clan
  • Oni clan
  • Lotus clan

These clans will first have an impact on your first item location. Indeed, the first item that can be equipped will have a specific type depending on your clan:

  • Weapons : Dragon clan
  • Biotech : Oni clan
  • Martial Arts: Lotus clan

The second thing is that clan wars are planned in the development through leagues. You will have to defend your clan in order to receive rewards accordingly.

How does the Oyabun application work?

The Oyabun application works in a similar way to the usual running applications but embeds the digital-assets and non-fungible token (NFT) side. In order to take full advantage of the application and earn your first OYAB tokens, you must first have a Yakuza in the form of a NFT. By having one or more NFTs in your wallet, you will get a higher or lower amount of energy to spend.

Once the maximum amount of energy is reached, you will have to use the Oyabun application and move if you don't want to lose it. Every 6 hours, you recover 25% of your energy in order to have the totality in 24 hours. Each energy point represents 2 minutes of walking with a maximum amount of 16 points.


To spend your energy and earn OYAB tokens on Oyabun, you will have to activate the GPS location and click on the button to start a race. Once the race is started, all you have to do is move. The amount of tokens earned will then depend mainly on your Yakura and its level.

At the end of your journey, the application will check the integrity of your information (anti-bot) to reward you with tokens and mystery boxes if you are lucky. The mystery boxes or Mistery Boxes can contain various rewards such as equipment, Yakuza or even OYAB or BUN tokens.

Many features available

In order to cater to as many users as possible, the Move to Earn Oyabun will have many features.

Move to Earn and daily mission system

The first and most important one is of course Move to Earn, which will allow users to earn tokens. These tokens can of course be sold by users to earn profits, but also be used by other features that we will discover.

The team's idea is to set up daily missions in order to have a regular physical activity and presence in the game.

Yakuza minting, a process to create new NFTs

In most games, the process of creating new NFTs has become a standard. Oyabun will allow its users to mint, that is to say to recruit new Yakuza. To do so, it will be necessary to possess 2 Cyber-Yakuza beforehand so that the recruitment process takes place against tokens.

The recruitment process will last 48 hours, during which you can use your Yakuza for your daily activities. In addition, systems to regulate the mint process will be introduced to avoid hyper inflation of NFTs.

Fight and Earn

The second aspect of Oyabun is the Fight and Earn aspect with your NFTs. In reality, you will fight against robots or other users' Yakuza in order to get rewards.

Before each fight, you will have to carefully select the items to use to win. The fights will be totally automatic and the probability of winning depends on the statistics and the items carried.

At the end, you will get rewards if you win or have the possibility to lose chips if you lose.

Bet & Earn

What if you had the possibility to bet on the victory or defeat of a particular Yakuza? This is the ambition of the Oyabun team which wants to offer this possibility to its sportsmen with the Bet & Earn feature

Thus, you will have the possibility to bet on the winner in order to make some profits. Of course, you'll have to study the 2 fighters beforehand to put all the chances on your side.

Clan League

Finally, the Clan League in Oyabun will allow to create some competitiveness between the different clans. The goal is to put these clans in competition with criteria such as:

  • The number of km covered
  • The number of duels won
  • The number of Mystery Boxes recovered

At the end of the league, the ranking will allow to reward the best performing clans as well as the most deserving members. A way to make the application more dynamic and create a kind of positive rivalry between players.

The $OYAB and $BUN crypto-currencies

In the Oyabun ecosystem, two crypto-currencies will be mainly present and used.

The first digital asset is the $OYAB token, an inflationary crypto-currency with no predefined maximum quantity. This will be generated during walking sessions or via Fight and Earn as a reward for users.

The second crypto-currency is the $BUN token. This one is deflationary and has a maximum quantity of 3,000,000,000 units. It will be possible to earn $BUN tokens while walking and fighting but only from level 50. Indeed, since they are considered rarer, it is logical that they are more difficult to obtain.

As for the burn processes of these two tokens, they are already numerous:

  • Recruitment of new Yakuza
  • Restoration of the energy in the Fight and Earn
  • Increase of the level of the Yakuza
  • Improving items
  • Unlocking new items
  • Opening mystery boxes

This is of course only some of the mechanics planned by Oyabun to burn tokens.

Conclusion and opinion about Oyabun (OYAB/BUN)

The Oyabun application is still in development phase, but the first images are really successful and qualitative. Its goal is to immerse the users in a futuristic and manga cyber Yakuza universe to offer a unique game experience. Like its main competitor Step'n, Oyabun has chosen the video game path to make its way.

With features that allow you to go far beyond a simple Move to Earn, it's not enough to simply walk if you want to exploit the full potential of the application. You'll also have to be resourceful and choose your pieces of equipment carefully to put all the odds in your favor.

According to the latest rumors and communications from the team, the mint price of NFTs would be around $100. Remember that in any type of investment, you should only invest money that you can afford to lose. Oyabun should be considered more of a console game than a speculative investment. Their goal is not to make users rich, but rather to create a true circular economic value.

To conclude, we have to wait until the mint date and the official release of the application and follow the official social networks of Oyabun like Twitter, Telegram or Discord. If the application is as qualitative as the graphics, then it is a successful bet for the team behind Oyabun.

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